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SE Bowater Explored


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@autumnwalker@SQRLPWR Dave Palmer(s), and others as interested.

Jos, Toby (pup) and I did a little tour on Saturday into Bowater (and checking out the work on 103 twinning) in the Ranger.

We entered off the 103 at the old Bowater entrance, just west of Exit 5, at the bottom of the long hill / Mill Lake.  (The overpass here seems albeit unofficially, open!)

Exit 5A is still temporarily closed.

We went north to the dam at Sandy (Big Indian) Lake, then SW on a several year old temporary construction road.  Shortly after it climbs the big hill to the 'construction site'/ quarry. Previously you could then continue west, north, west, and south, across the bridge at Ingraham River, and out to Exit 5A.

But we ran into a construction 'lay down yard', populated by red 'Municipal' vehicles.  The road they were working on heads west immediately and crosses the existing Ingraham River bridge, then out to exit 5A.  We in fact discovered the initial construction of that road in summer 2019, and they have been working on it again this fall.

That road may open up a great possibility to cross East - West, or deny access to the way it was from ~2010 to current.

'Anywho', we retreated back to the 'Pipeline Road' at Sandy Lake dam and headed north, then towards 'Westwood' and the track that eventually crosses over to Pockwock.  That Jay and other travelled recently.  However, instead of heading east into the tight bushes at the upper end of the trail, and heading to Pockwock, we kept northwards into the clear cutting that is several years old.  AND, found a new extension that isn't shown yet on Google imagery, that heads further eastward, and then back southward 'under' the big power line.  Essentially ending up near the end of 'The Curse' trail.

This was a great 'Saturday afternoon' tour, no 4WD needed.  Yet gives me new ideas on new spots to explore!


I will post a pic or two from my other platform (iPhone).

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