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New Yard Putt Putt


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I have one at the cottage.  Just rolled 20 hrs.  Along with an incredible wagon from PA.  Luv ‘em both!  My second upgrade to the Deere will be swapping in LED bulbs in the headlights.  They are basically about as bright as a car’s side marker light.  Sigh, lol.

I do have the JD bull bar on it though!  🤪

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48 minutes ago, autumnwalker said:

 Any tips / tricks / recommendations beyond basic maintenance? 

It's a Deere.  Like most lawn equipment, maintenance is an option.  🤪   Just kidding, but basically!

The 65(?) that I took out of service this spring when I bought the D150(?) was 40 yrs old.  Worked well enough, but a lot haggard all over, not just around the edges!

The biggest issue was the starter solenoid wouldn't work when hot.  So you had to have a beer and let it cool off. 🤣   Too expensive to buy a new solenoid.  $300!  An old style Hitachi unit.

But the old mower quickly got pressed back into service at my sister's place when the engine failed on her 15 yr old Craftsman.  So the JD lives on!

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