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Added a camera to the Zuk

AWESAFE 4K Mirror Dash Cam 2160P 12 inch Touch Screen,Rear View Mirror Backup Camera with Night Vision,GPS Tracking,Free 64GB Card

It simultaneously records 4K front and 1080P rear.



Video quality is exceptional day or night


You need a BIG sdcard

5 minutes of 4K video is 1GB in size





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Got invited to an impromptu tour of Pockwock to Ingramport through some woods and Bowater - figured it would be a good time for a shakedown run - we covered 140km, with 58km off road 🙂 I also had

Figured 57/60ths of a high lift was better than none....so i chopped a few inches off mine and made it fit 🤪   

This shouldn't be much of a build thread, but I bought well built rig. 1998 tracker2.3l suzuki aerio motorFront Trail Gear Rock Assault axle with chromoly axles, trail gear 5.29 diff with ARB loc

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On 4/16/2021 at 8:56 AM, autumnwalker said:

@SQRLPWR did you hardwire your mirror? Appears there is a kit for it.

It comes with wires for power, rear camera and a GPS unit, and also a wire to connect to the reverse light,  so when in reverse it flips to the rear camera with a faux distance marker.

You can do without the gps and rear light wire, but it's got to be wired in, because the on board battery is just enough to keep it powered to save the video file correctly 

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Ok, so that exhaust tip turndown position was better, but I was still getting fumes in the cab, so I've been playing around with bends to figure out what will work.

Then, I found a photo of a stock Sidekick, so I replicated that, which seems to be MUCH better. Just need to fix the extreme loudness @3500






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