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Got invited to an impromptu tour of Pockwock to Ingramport through some woods and Bowater - figured it would be a good time for a shakedown run - we covered 140km, with 58km off road 🙂 I also had

Figured 57/60ths of a high lift was better than none....so i chopped a few inches off mine and made it fit 🤪   

This shouldn't be much of a build thread, but I bought well built rig. 1998 tracker2.3l suzuki aerio motorFront Trail Gear Rock Assault axle with chromoly axles, trail gear 5.29 diff with ARB loc

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2 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

This seemed like a well sorted rig when you picked it up - but you're doing a lot to improve / correct. Good stuff as usual.

It is, and I'm really just tinkering 🙂 IDK the history on the shocks, but they look new, so maybe they were ordered too long, or the integrated bump stops weren't accounted for in the overall length. Easy fix 🙂

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Fixed the Zuks rear shocks 1 inch up-travel problem.

Rather than replace these nice long Epic Trek rebuild-able nitrogen shocks, I made extended shock towers. Now the ride isn't always on the bump stops, and there's more bonus stuffage 🙂

1st pic is shock position at ride height.

Last pic is shock position at ride height now 🙂






















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10 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

lol that is excellent! Where'd you have a decal that size made?

Jesse made it for me.

It's all relative lol...it looks big because the hard top is small. The decal is only 24" at It's widest, so most home decal makers can make up to that size.


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So, you will need a good view of the sky.  It is a basically a GPS unit, and everything is derived from the GPS  signal.  Time, position, 3D (includes altitude), (and position history gives you speed and direction of travel).  It may have another sensor to give you the inclination, although having two GPS sensors inside it can calculate 3D orientation aka as attitude, iirc.


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That reminded me to install new rad hoses on the Duke. Still has the originals with still readable GM partnumbers

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3 hours ago, SQRLPWR said:


The way it was duct taped up, I'm thinking it was a forgotten trail fix 🙂

Very possible, probably right on that assumption, iv done temp fixes that worked good enough they become permanent lol

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