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Tango Tracker


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This shouldn't be much of a build thread, but I bought well built rig.

1998 tracker
2.3l suzuki aerio motor
Front Trail Gear Rock Assault axle with chromoly axles, trail gear 5.29 diff with ARB locker
Rear stock Toyota axle with 5.29 gears and ARB locker
Trail Tough Trail Slayer SAS kit
ARB twin compressor with 1 Gallon Viair tank
4.24 geared transfer case with twin stick

 Front and rear Trail Tough slip yoke eliminators
Custom front/rear double cardan driveshafts
Trail Tough 3 speed auto custom adapter
Newly rebuilt 3 speed automatic transmission from Rick Roods transmission
35x12.50 Goodyear MTR's
10k Warn synthetic winch
Low Range seat brackets and Corbeau seats
Full bedlined tub inside/out
Front and rear custom bumpers


















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6 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

In the middle picture, the end of the link looks bad, but I suspect it’s just the angle the picture was taken?  🤔
 It looks really really bad!!

No you're right, the link has a twist on it at the joint, like the bushing has collapsed. 

IDK what kind of end it is, but it's not like a poly or regular pressed in bushing, it's recessed with a zirk and looks like it should twist like a heim.

I can't be sure tho until I remove it for further inspection. 

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Rear seat belt towers were removed when I got the Zuk.....so I've removed the rear seat since I doubt anyone is going to sit there.

The space left over is pretty small...only 40x30x20, so I'm going to fill the space with a couple of trunk organizers that I can lift in and out easily for parts and knickknacks.





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Haha true 🙂

so I got to the bottom of the link end mystery.  The link that looked like the bushing had collapsed, is actually able to move like that.

The ends look like this from Ballistic Fab. So they should be rebuildable....just waiting on Trail Tough to get back to me for parts.

In the meantime I have 2 rear wheel bearings to do and build a new trans crossmember. 

Anyone know what these are called?




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