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Impromptu Drill Road


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At coffee last week a few of us decided to go exploring in Wittenburg on Saturday, which after a few dead ends and atv trails turned into 'meh lets just do Drill Road' LOL

The old Ford was doing awesome, loving the long wheelbase on the climbs, then Dave got his right foot into the big hill after the big deep bog, and tore the spring mount perches off his axle. Zuk was still drive-able, but the pinion was pointing up.

So we turned around and I followed him out whilst the others continued.

By the time Dave and I got around to the end of the trail, the boys were crawling their Yota's up the last climb 🙂

Other carnage....Mike caved in a front fender on a tree.


















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16 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

Really? That rough?

it's all relative to your rig. The trail is more difficult for a short wheelbase like the zuk....if you look at the Zuk photo, that rock is 3ft+ tall and 45 degrees so all 4 wheels are on it, and the face is at an angle which when your tires are full of mud it pushes you into the bushes ...but a longer wheelbase makes that climb a lot easier, but the trail is also harder for longer rigs when the trail gets tight and twisty.

The buggys have chewed up the trail a dozen or more times since Eugene last ran it too

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On 7/29/2020 at 12:23 PM, ovrlndr said:

The buggys have chewed up the trail a dozen or more times since Eugene last ran it too

"That's what I'm talking about!"  When I was there April 2019, it was much rougher/tougher than when I was there Nov./Dec. 2017.

I have to finish the house and cottage reno/repair combo, and get the Scout back on the road, and and and then then then, the Burb...…  And I've never been too shy with the Burb...…..  we'll see!

Retiring this fall will help immensely! 



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