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Welder power requirements (new build?)


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I split this out of the welding tips and tricks thread. Figured it isn't a tip or trick.

We are considering building a new house. I'm thinking about a future garage and what I should be planning ahead for. The biggest thing that comes to mind for me right now is power. The house would come standard with a 200A panel. We are hoping to use a ducted air handler with heat pump for heat which would have an electric coil as backup ... I'm not sure exactly how much of the 200A panel would be used; I assume not as much as electric baseboard, but a good chunk for the backup coil.

Should I be looking at a bigger panel to accommodate a "good" welder that I can use for things like welding up bumpers, skid plates, sliders (i.e. thicker stuff)? What about other shop things like a compressor ... maybe (if I'm really on my best behavior) a lift?

Original question here (which is what @ovrlndr originally replied to below):



I have a welder question ... please ELI5.

Clean slate - what sort of power requirements do you want for a "good" welder?

What size panel in the house? What size breaker? etc.



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15 hours ago, Lil'monster said:

I have 100 amp panel in the house and a 200 amp in the shop

Thanks @Lil'monster! So if the house has a 200A, upping it to 400A to account for the garage would be more than sufficient for my purposes.

What sort of circuit are you running your (more than "good") welder on?

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