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2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport / Rubicon


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On 2/11/2023 at 3:07 PM, SQRLPWR said:

wow that looks like a straight up copy of my ARB, even the castings look the same if u compare to my spare motor.

Can't got wrong for that price. Hopefully you'll get some good use out of it.


WOW! They didn't even try to hide it, eh?

Specs seem similar 6.1 CFM, 100% duty cycle ... but I'll reserve judgement until I get it installed and use it for a bit to see how durable it is.

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Tired of working on the floor. Built a ratchet workbench using old wood from my old deck.

The red you see is 4x4's from the railing and the red / orange / stained 2x4's you see are actually from the 2x8 joists that I ripped down to size.

Workbench is 32" x 96", about 38" tall (I'm 6'3") and is on locking castors so I can move it around the garage.


I'll put a shelf on the bottom eventually, maybe some drawers or something ... but wasn't a priority for the initial build.

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Nice!  Nothing like a good workbench. We’ve got several medium-sized ones at my brother’s big garage, and I’ve got a small one in my big ‘garden’ shed here at home.

A few years back I had built a medium one in my attached garage at the time.

And, like yours, mostly ‘over’-built with re-purposed lumber.  Sometimes the top is ‘butcher block’ style made of 2x4s on edge. 😁

My plans for this summer include a good bench at the cottage in the ‘good-sized’ new Old Hickory shed there.  There is one in the small ‘Kent’ shed as well.  

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