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2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport / Rubicon


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I picked up a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport with about 73,000 km and lots of goodies. 6 speed manual. I'm the second owner.

Factory hard top + "sprint top" soft top from Bestop.

Smittybilt XRC 9.5k winch w/ synthetic rope.

ProComp 4" Stage I lift kit with AEV control arm drop brackets.

ProComp adjustable front and JKS adjustable rear track bars.

JKS quick disconnect swaybar end links.

Aftermarket tie rod and drag link - looks beefier than factory, but not sure of manufacturer.

35" Goodyear Duratrac's on some sort of aftermarket wheel.

Rubicon axles + factory lockers. Rear is trussed, front is trussed and sleeved. 4.10 gears ... looks like it may have C gussets as well.

Superchips Flashpaq to account for gears and tires.

Aftermarket front + rear bumpers (Smittybilt I believe) and a few other goodies like Rigid lights and bumper mounted tire carrier.




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Details in original post!

I'm debating on a name now ... a Jeep name and possibly a project name. I was thinking "Can't beat 'em join 'em" for the project (you all know my history) and I was thinking "Rubiclone II" for the name (after Doug's old 2007 Sahara), but given the decal on the rear window I'm kind of thinking "Pegasus". (see below for the decal meaning - it's a flying moose!)


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10 hours ago, 89runner said:

Sounds like a well built jeep! Congrats! Is that a flying moose?

Thanks! It seems to be well built. It has a lot of things that I would have done myself if I were to build it from scratch.

Upon closer inspection ... it does look like a flying moose, doesn't it? It's the logo for Manac trailers ... which is a flying moose. https://www.manac.us/about-us/manac-flying-moose-legend/ Well, Pegasus is out haha.

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I need to get better at documenting / photographing things for here.

The other night I re-installed the factory license plate bracket (so the plate would be lighted) and wired up a CHMSL on the tire gate to get it ready for safety. It has a fresh New Brunswick safety sticker on it ... apparently they don't need that stuff there?

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Pulled the wheels off of it yesterday - front brakes are fine. Rear brakes were close enough to being worth replacing that I just replaced them. Also pulled the rotors and realized the parking brake was effectively metal / saw dust. So I rebuilt the whole parking brake hub assembly.

Also bought a new set of matching lug nuts. A few of them were odd and they really pissed me off. Now they match! 

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Looks GR8!  Be nice to see it out on the trails - Read as:  It will be nice when I get back out on the trails to see anybody! lol


Although I did see a P.O.R.N. group at the Aulac Big Stop Saturday night....  does that count?  They surrounded the Ford Escape we were in, lol.

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21 minutes ago, autumnwalker said:

Added a bit more info and corrected a couple of items in the original post (drag links, bumpers, c gussets).

I need a name for this thing.

Just Empty Every Pocket.  Doesn't matter if it's a Jeep, truck, ATV, Rally car, etc.  🤣


How about 'Freedom 40'  '35?' '65' ?? lol

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Yeah! I figured it was a close / safe place to take it solo. I had an hour or so opportunity so I went for it. 

Manual transmissions offroad are 1) great and 2) weird. 4 low + 1st gear and letting it idle down a hill is very nice. Conversely 4 low + 1st gear and letting it idle up a hill is weird.

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