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1986 F150 Repairs/build


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So as many of you know I picked up the old Ford from Mopar Matt. After doing some work to er its back up and going. Got a few more things to get done and getting it antique plated.

So far:

Replaced Transmission

Replaced Transfer Case

Replaced Front Seat

Installed Exhaust back on


Next on the list!

Replace the floor on drivers side front

Get the E-Brake working

Two new seals in the T-Case

Clean up sharp edges on the body

Swap reverse light switch from old Trans

Replace mirrors on both doors



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Tom, your entire car history is, well, long.


I've had my Burban 20+ yrs, the Scout 5+yrs, the Rogue, 10 yrs,    Wait, that adds up to about how old you are!

And I can't brag, nothing is rolling too much these days............


Maybe I will do a list though.  It's interesting.  Lots of 4x4, and a touch of AWD


But I'm having fun.

The Ferd's looking good!

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That list is to get it through a mechanical fitness (hopefully) then should be able to work slowly on anything else that comes up. Need to add rear brakes and install the caliper I have. Along with slave cylinder

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6 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

My Burb is going to look small and out gunned when flanked by this and Jay's truck..............  🙂

Dont worry, I'll park the Ramcharger next to you and the burb will look big again and have more cubes too

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  • 8 months later...

Truck has made it to the shop to get work done. Having the Brakes, Throwout Bearing, slave cylinder, starter, main power cable, transfer case and the driveshafts done along with the drivers side floor repaired. Should be good for a bit after this as long as I keep my right foot out of it.

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