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'82 Bullnose


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29 minutes ago, sar4x4 said:

You'll have her all fixed before I have mine!

'All fixed' ...is that even a thing lol

Took it into get the tires balanced as it vibrates at 100kmh,  but they refused to do it because of the age of the tires....liability issue.


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Getting an alignment won't fix it, the drop brackets move every time ya drive it, and the rear arm drop brackets ar tipping in on the frame, needs a cross brace and brackets pushed back out, , also with the lift, it looks like the front springs have sagged, with the ttb you need positive camber so it will run on n the whole tire, because when it has zero camber or negative camber  , it will only increase negative camber with suspension travel if that makes ann sense

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I think the TTB can be beefed up and can work well.  With a lot of attention.  If I was in your situation though, I'd be going Solid as well.

I've only had solid axles, and I've never had problems, (at least that weren't caused by me)!

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In stock form it can't be beat, when ya modify it, it needs some adjustments, once ya dial it in your good, I loved the ttb in my red/white ford, but wasnt happy with the rear end, and then beef rear end didn't match gears with front or wheel bolt pattern so I put the matching d60 in the front, but the ttb was awesome. Had more clearance than a solid axle, could take dirt roads or small rocky terrain at speed where solid axle is rough riding, handled better, could even jump the truck over small jumps and landing was smooth, 

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On 8/7/2019 at 10:55 AM, jay said:

It had a pretty successful run for 17 years. I'm guessing fuel economy is what killed it off.

Twin I beam was used up untill 2014 for sure, maybe even a bit longer but our 2014 f350 wrecker 2wd was still twin I beam

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  • 2 months later...

Pulled the axle set I bought for the Explorer out of the weather. Looked at it, scratched my head and wondered WTF am I going to do with them. 

I'm thinking eventually the 9 inch will get the 4.56s swapped with 3.50s and put under the truck.

The front '75 Ford D44 could be a nice winter project, it needs knuckles out for disk brakes...idk, source another complete axle and keep this one for parts.

Maybe sell the 4.56s.

@Powerram do you still have one for sale, and how much?


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Picked up another D44 radius arm setup from Matt...thanks 🙂 

My other set is mid 70's with drums and 4.56's...this one is from a '79, with 3.50's, disk brakes and complete axle shafts, so should have mostly everything I need for the SAS, plus some spares 🙂

I was in 2 minds what to do with the gears, but after wheeling Hard and Soft, I think I'm pretty happy with the stupid low gearing with the 4 speed and NP208 and 3.50's.

....so, just gotta remove those radius arm bolts 😮 ....any tips, like where to heat ?






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Made some progress on removing the tough stuff.....heat was the key

I'd forgotten how nice and easy it is to work on these axles 🙂

One thing I've noticed about all of the sets of radius arms that ive had is, one side of a pair of has a slight bend. Imterestingly (to me at least) the 1st set and one of these sets has the bend at right the C. The 3rd set does not have that same bend, rather it's in the middle of the arm....very curious. My guess is they were straight 40 years ago and got tweaked over time. No biggie 🙂

Had to pull out the puller for one side of the hubs as it was just tight with muddy grease.

Ball joints and brakes are in transit, and a coat of paint will be next after the teardown








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Got everything stripped and soaking in a bath.

Unfortunately one of the steering knuckles is corroded and cracked beyond safe repair, so I'm going to need to either source another knuckle, or transfer the knuckles and steering links from my 73/75 drum brake axle.

There's a great write up on the same 73->79 swap here https://classicbroncos.com/disc-f150.shtml?fbclid=IwAR33X_yLpfThbjDt2w9PPlKPXDRry5IpSV_fp960C_cwBIb5K5Sas-86Mts

New ball joints and brakes arrived today too :)







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Saw some posts on Fb, looked like a 1 Ton front axle going under the Bronc.


That's some hole in the knuckle Jay!  Replace it and forget about it.  Otherwise, it will be an awful weak spot and catastrophic when it fails...……...

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