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'82 Bullnose


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Starting a thread for the F150....originally it was a 2WD 302 automatic truck from Alberta. The previous owner had it for 7 years, restored and converted it to 4WD and a 6" lift and anti-axle wrap bars, 3" body lift, a 351w/Holley 4180C, NP208, NP435 and TTB setup on 37" MT/Rs (I haven't figured out what it has for a tcase). There's almost no rust, it's had a lot of new steel and the black/root beer paint is a 20 footer, overall the truck is not perfect...and that's OK, but there are few little things needed to make it better;

Both heater controls are inoperable - feels like no cables and/or mixer
Blower motor vibrates badly and squeals like a pig
Has a leaky windshield seal (or visor....I hate that thing)
It's missing windshield washer jets and nozzles
It bogs and backfires under load from 0 to 1500 RPM, but flies at 1500+ ..possibly the timing / plugs / leads / Holley 4180C / stage 1 tune
The lift brackets needs some reinforcement
It's got a slim-line rear bumper....needs a nice original chrome bumper putting back on 
Missing ebrake equalizer
Could do with cleaning up and painting underneath


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Started to trace the rain water leak in the cab.

Removed the sun visor, plugged the holes, removed the windshield trim to expose a lot of damp vegetation hiding behind it....and some original red paint.

Cleaned it all up. Thankfully no rust issues were found 🙂









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Made a little progress after work today....tackled the heater controls.

First off...I'm loving how simple this thing is bolted together 🙂

Removed the blower motor and found a chunk missing out of the plastic 'basket blades'...so that's what the vibes are. So I ground the same again off the other side to balance it out.

The bearing is toast tho, so I coated it with WD40 as a temporary fix until I can replace it. It doesn't vibe any more and it's quiet...for now.

Fixed the defrost problem...thankfully the blend door is good, the cable had just popped off it's mounting clip 🙂

The temp control vavle moves but the cable has seized and somebody forced it and snapped it, so it'll need replacing once I figure out how the heck I remove the control panel LOL





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17 hours ago, jay said:

So it looks like the transfer case is an NP208...not the best, but probably ok for what I need.


That is an awesome t-case, it survived in my ford for years, the only issues iv had with the np208 is impacts cracking them, both times I had no skid plate

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As Powerram says.  The NP208 has a bad reputation by virtue of it's aluminum case.  And chain.  Sure, it's not going to survive Big Block power, 54" tires, etc.

But GM put it behind (low torque) diesels, military trucks, etc.  And my Burb is on it's original NP208C. 

With the chain, it's a LOT quieter than an all-gear case.  And survives moderate use.


You should be all right Jay!

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On ‎7‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 7:00 PM, jay said:

First off...I'm loving how simple this thing is bolted together 🙂

Full size, non-computer, non-AC North American rigs ARE easy to work on!  Sit in the engine bay.  Sit upright underneath.


The only things you can't do, like you did with the Sammi, is lightly pick up T-cases, axle housings, ENGINE BLOCKs, etc.  lol

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Picked up a rear bumper,  blower motor (not 100% sure it'll fit tho) and emergency brake equalizer, thanks Matt 🙂

Now I have the equalizer and my in inlaws are back in the UK, I can start with the little laundry list of repairs for the safety. 



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Replaced a rear axle seal, the brake shoes and hardware for the inspection.

Also for the inspection I wanted to hook up the parking brake hardware, but the parking brake lever and auto adjust cable has been 'deleted' on the left side.

2 steps forward, and one back LOL

Oh, and it fits in the garage....just gotta trim the mechanism a little.











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Wired in a temporary reverse light switch for inspection. The switch on the transmission is missing a pin and it seems the pigtail for the auto transmission only needed to be short and is miles away from the NP435. So I cut it off and will extend to the transmission switch later when I put in a new transmission switch.

Just a small patch on the cab to do and I'm done!! 🙂







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Started on the cab corner repair.

have no patience with bodywork as it's my least favorite job, but I'll take my time.

The hole was initially small to look at, but quickly grew once I removed all of the rust....that's how it usually goes.

Made a template and cut the main patch panel out. I'll probably need a small filler piece later.

Tomorrow will be metal prep and welding...in the hottest day of the week lol.





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So this turned into a saga with a happy ending.....

In between re-organizing my bomb-site of a garage after filling it with a used pool over winter, my Lincoln welder has gone missing. So I ended up repairing the gun on my Mastercraft only to have low speed wire feed issues. I totally forgot it was the wire issues that caused me to buy the Lincoln in the first place. So I ended up getting super frustrated and ruined the patch.

Thankfully Paul came to the rescue and did a real nice job of welding it up for me 🙂


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Started on the easier stuff....radios & wiring.

1st picture is the previous owners fire waiting to happen. So I installed a secondary fuse box for all the accessories 🙂  (chocolate block is temporary ground for testing)

Installed my CB and HF antennas in a 100% sub-optimal location. We'll see how long they last there OR I buy a 102 inch whip LOL






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