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A SUB and a FORD


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Update, iv been working on the Ford off and on over the summer, did the world's longest time consuming rear brake job known to man on this truck, parts unavailability, made some parts, but back brakes 100%new, and new park brake stuff , new used beefy springs, all new spring perches, bushings in the springs, new shackles, new hardware to bolt it all together, , new u bolts, new rear shocks, painted the back half frame, Removed rear fuel tank, installed new radiator support, new used grille, headlights, bezals, performed 5speed swap, all the heavy trans swap stuff is done, new clutch kit, flywheel,  but still need to install pedals, changed the transfer case, relocated the trans crossmembers on the frame, new used front springs with old bushings pressed out, new front shackles and all new hardware, swapped out the front  axle housing, here it is sitting on its wheels again, still a ton to do but it's coming.


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5 hours ago, sar4x4 said:

Wow!  A lot of work!  My list is 1/20th of that, and I've not gotten to it.  But I had a life to rebuild this year. 

Yep, understandable, can relate to putting things back in order, hopefully all is going straight ahead 



The Ford is now, and going to, look and work great!



Thanks, still have to do front brake lines and some rust repair on the floor. Then it should be ready for safety insp

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Another update, replaced all the baljoints, front calipers, dissembled rotors from hubs, cleaned, repacked bearings, new seals, reassemble, ran another 15' of brakelines for the front, made short lines to "bench bleed" master cylinder while installed in the truck, finished bleeding the entire system, installed all new body mount bushings in the cab,  new steering components, ordered new clutch pedals, picked up fender mount solenoid for the starter,

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14 minutes ago, jay said:

wow, that's a LOT more work!! can't be much left?

Yeah, one would think, but iv got a bunch of welding to do on the cab floor and driver sill, also the bed needs some work on the cross ribs, Doing all the mechanical before I get to the body work. 

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14 hours ago, sar4x4 said:


I like the rims...... and and and....

Thanks, the wheels are just factory original steel wheels, with beauty rings. I like the rugged look of steel wheels.

2 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

Yup. I like the stance a lot. Looks really nice. Are you going to paint it? I forget if you gave paint plans or not.

Would like to paint it before winter, but don't see it happening, not sure what colour to paint it either.

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It has now seen light, it drove out under its own power and it stops haha, the floorr is done, one brace to put back in for the driver seat, still a ton of stuff left , but mostly little things, the last batch of repairs were alternator, and 2 idler pulleys, tensioner pulley, new belt, water pump is seeping, so I have replacement pump, just not installed, new spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, changed the ECM, as soon as the truck saw a speed input, it went to high idle for the automatic, so I replaced it with an ECM calibrated for a manual transmission. Seems to run correctly so far, Here it is , made it under its own power to this spot haha, 


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