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Installed my Daystar 2 inch pucks.

Fought a lot of rust issues and I broke one of the very fragile brake lines, so got no brakes at the moment. I'm going to have to re-do all the lines I think as they're pretty bad.

Still waiting on my body lift.

Next step is to make the shackles and buy some hard line and order some brake lines.




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Ordered Doorman 381184 & 381186 F250 flex lines, and to my disappointment the line with the built-in tee, doesn't have the built-in tee, so I'll just have to buy a tee.

Lines are nice and long tho at ~ 24"

Just need a roll of 3/16 hard line and some connectors and I'll start ripping out the nasty.

I'll also bypass the RABS modulator (Rear Antilock Brake System) as I think that's the cause of my long brake pedal travel.



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My parts hoard has hit a critical mass and I now have enough to get cracking. I finally made some room in the Garage to get the Exploder in...which was interesting with a burst brake line and no brakes as I drove it into the back wall...oops lol.

Started tackling some rust on the roof. These are bad for it up there, and mine has some light rust in one of the channels. So got most of it off with the wire brush, then treated it to some acid rust remover which made it come up nice and clean before I hit it with red oxide paint.

There are a couple of bad rust spots near the plastic runners around the rivets which will be a PITA to fix, so I'll sort them out later.

Break lines next...







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Bad photo for sure!  The brake line lines up with the something or other, can't make it out.  But I did get your point.  The brake line is severely compromised and has already failed it looks like.  Fix 'er right, before you hit someone...........

BTW, I Krown several different vehicles (not all mine), the newest having been Krowned annually for 11 years.  And I've never seen a colour to Krown.  But I'll just chalk it up to a bad photo.


Maybe I'm becoming a keyboard wheeler.  I dunno!  lol

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New calipers just came in pre-powder coated from RockAuto. @ $40 each they cost a quarter of the local price (unfortunately)

Let's see how they shape up after months of mud.

I'm not a huge fan of coloured calipers either, but at least they match my interior and decal LOL



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