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Radius arm pivot and C bushings ordered.

Just waiting on buddy to break another truck as he owes me a disk brake swap and a short side inner and outer shaft.

The bonus with this front axle is the radius arm perches are welded on, as apposed to the 78/79 which was cast with no tube in between the perch. 

Since my frame is a couple of inches narrower than an f150, I can simply cut off the perches and weld them inbound.

That will save me from having to deal with the coil towers, and keep the factory hardware.....the more I can keep stock the better.

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Whilst trying to decide what to do about a snorkel on this thing, I took a look at the air intake tube and noticed the front of the intake tube bolts to the core support facing forward. Great for cold air, even better to suck in water!
Also the intake tube is narrow, is probably restrictive and takes warm air off the manifold with a vacuum valve. That junk is all gone now. 
I've decided not to install a snorkel this time, but I'll add a reverse intake scoop and use 3 inch flex pipe to connect it directly to the air box. I doubt water would ever get up to the hood level after the SAS.


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More tear down. This thing is in really good shape considering it's nearly as old as me.
Only broke 1 bolt...not too bad 🙂
Just waiting on buddy to get the disk brakes and replacement shafts, then I'll start on the Explorer.
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@jay   I'm thinking of placing an order real real soon.  I'm having withdrawal.  I've only got about 40 hours of work to install all the parts I have now, and some I've had for 5+ years...………   But I digress.  I need some retail therapy, I mean a couple of things I'm going to source from Rock Auto.  If you pm me the details of the bushing, and even the RockAuto part number, I could tack it on my order if you wanted....


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OK, so I'm having a hard time finding disk brake parts for this axle. I got a D44 knuckle off an early 80's TTB, but I've since read that wont work as the caster will be way off.

Seems the drum brake knuckle is 6 bolt, where the later 78/79 disk knuckle is 5 bolt. Also the caliper carrier is integrated on the newer TTB style.

Whilst I'm burning time refurbishing this axle, I need to get wheeling quicker. So I've decided to put in a 2" coil spacer lift and 3" body lift so I can run some 33's. I have to replace all the body mounts anyway as the body is sat on the frame they are so rotten.

Eventually I'll SAS it, but that might not happen until the Explorer has antique plates in 2022





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Those are some solid looking chunks of rusted metal in those pics!  You have a plan, and it is being updated to overcome and adapt (there's a Clint Eastwood quote in there somewhere..).   "C" bushing was 18 USD.  See you on Thursday!

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Thanks again for the C bushings....they are safely stored away on my parts shelf LOL

Got me a 2" lift and body mounts. Just waiting on 3" body lift.

The lift should be an easy install. Just gotta make some longer rear shackles.

I'm not looking forward to the body lift install LOL.




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