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Cummins Rehab


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Had to move the Cummins.  Easily pulled it forward dragging it on seized brakes with the Burb.  (Burb in low range, 4WD, and a bit of 3 wheel tire spin!)  Can’t push it back though, my bumper lines up with the Cummins grille!  Especially with the Cummins on a flat tire..  Currently unseizing the lug nuts, unsticking the wheels from the hubs/mounting faces, then unbolting and hanging the calipers free of the rotors.  Have the two rear wheels done so far.  The first front wheel (LH) is stuck pretty good so far.  Lots of big tools: long power bar, impact wrench, penetrating oil, BFH, and patience.  For a simple wheel removal!  Pics in a moment.

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2 minutes ago, derekmac said:

Seized parts are never fun!!

I hear ya.  Some heat, some lube, some rubbing, oh wait, that sounds like something else!  Lol

Happy New Year and I plan to play a lot more this year, once I get everything up and running again.  I’ve been working on things quite a bit lately!

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12 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

Second Tom's comment. Great to see you at the rigs again Eugene!

Perhaps the Cummins will get it's transfer case after all!

Two big priorities at the moment. 

     - 1) Free the wheels on the Cummins, so it can be parked better, which will then also get the Suburban off the lawn.  We need the lawn clear for snow removal purposes!

     - 2) Get the power steering hose replacement completed on the Scout.  So it can be moved to winter storage.  Which frees up the garage for working on a number of things, including the Scout and Burb!  Also two ATVs that require work, the 2009 Dodge Cummins, the Iltis, and …….

The Holidays (visiting family and family visiting) slowed me down, and a change in domestic situation...., and and and.  But things are progressing nicely!  Heck, being 'home' with pay sure helps for the immediate future anyway!  And I've even been in the woods mapping for our annual spring SAR event.  Warm, sunny days only! lol

The Cummins is rearing it's head!  Probably will do the Burb first though...……..  Then the Cummins.  As long as I don't start partying too much!

The bed is starting to go on the Cummins.  My brother suggested a flat bed/deck....  Would look really cool!

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Worked a bit more trying to get the front wheels off.  Left front not budging yet though. The right front hasn’t come off yet either, but the caliper isn’t seized to the rotor and it will roll.  So time to improvise!    I’m going to leave the RH wheel alone as it rolls.  And stick a piece of ‘Krazy Karpet’-like material under the LF.  And push her the way she is.....  At least try!  

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