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Hi Everyone;

I'm Georges Leger, I'm new to the forum and would like to let everyone know that my little business is up and running for steel fabrications. One of my first projects is this chase bar with adjustable width. Fits most trucks. Length at the base is 62".

The side logo can be customized. You can put your name, your better half name, or company name.

For the time being, these are built-to-order, so you can pick whatever color you want.

Powder Coated: 1480$ + tax

Bare Metal: 1175$ + tax

You can check out other goodies on my Facebook page GL SteelFab

If you're in the Lower Sackville area, drop by. I'm usually in the shop most nights and all weekends.

303, Bryanston Rd., Lucasville, NS

George: 902-329-1512






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2 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

Wow! Those look really great!

Do you do custom order stuff? Catalog of items?

Custom order is pretty much my middle name LOL. Check out my facebook at GL SteelFab and don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm in the shop most evenings and  weekends. Drop by if you're in the Lucasville area. I have a rear bumper for an 2012 F250 fresh from the powder coater.

303, Bryanston Rd., Lucasville, NS

George: 902-329-1512

ad collage.jpg

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