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Iv been gearing up a tow truck, for on the road tows/ recovery . Been a dream for years and is almost finished. Hopefully it will be insured by mid next week. It has NO connection or reference to my d

Update, My towtruck is in a shop to have the repairs done and MVI, I believe I left it with the best, I have picked up the parts needed for the MVI, nothing major, mostly little things,  it's a smalle

Got the truck home, Shop did everything I asked them to, yesterday I saw that the antifriction pads were missing in the rear location of the deck. Ended up getting a sheet of UHMW ( Ultra High Molecul

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On 29/01/2021 at 6:49 AM, sar4x4 said:

Don’t bump your shins into those lug nuts!  🤪

Like the chariot races with spikes on the hubs,

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The lights on the back of the truck, iv been having some issues with them burning out, probably due to vibrations, the last filiment bulb I put in only lasted an hr and it was a grote 2.5" round marker lamp, so led markers in and no problems, now onto taillights, the taillights are just universal truck lights, similar to the old taillights on a YJ jeep, and take 1157 bulb and 1156 for reverse light. Princess auto has led 1157 led bulbs, and 1156 , so I took a chance on them,

Wow! On the 1157, I went with the princess auto line and chose the red 1157 led and put it behind the red lens of the taillight, awesome! Nice bright and clear glow, daytime or night time. Signal/Brake is excellent too

The 1156 PA brand Led bulb for the reverse lights SUCK! Just barely a glow, won't shine, put the 1156 filiment bulbs back in. 

Only negitive I see with the led bulbs is the lack of heat generated to keep the snow clear on the taillights, so periodically cleaning the snow off is nessary

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