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Iv been gearing up a tow truck, for on the road tows/ recovery . Been a dream for years and is almost finished. Hopefully it will be insured by mid next week. It has NO connection or reference to my day job, for those that know what my day job is. 

 Anyway, here is what I've been investing all my money and time into. It's almost finished, few little details to iron out. Chassis is F-Superduty (F450) and wrecker gear is Challenger 4800 twin line with wheelift.

 Also equipped with dollies for those AWD/4x4 vehicles or excessively low vehicles.

 Here is the truck, it has super low kms, and has never been worked as a commerical unit. (The gear is in like new condition) It has a neat history of being used in Montreal Grand Prix races for recovering the F-1 race cars in the 1990's. 

  Still working out some details. But it is a huge step to have the unit up and running for the road. Now to get Mrs. Powerram trained up to run it haha, she has ran it in the yard some lol




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1 hour ago, derekmac said:

Awesome Matt! It looks to be in damn fine shape too!


What are your plans going to be for it? 

Thanks, it's in pretty good condition, but suffers from minor "sitting syndrome".

Iv had it for a while now, done brakes, brake lines , bit of body work , wiring repairs and repairs to the lighting. Still have to do tires , needs some more recovery gear, the truck was stripped of anything that wasn't welded on during transport by rail, but I've got most of that replaced now.

 The plan is to be able to haul scrap vehicles,  tow regular vehicles and do recoveries. It is a hobby thing for now  when I'm not working my day job, but maybe it will grow to be more someday.

Also it works as a picker for moving cabs, engines , and other stuff generally too heavy to lift,  iv used it for lots of that type of stuff already. Going to use it to swap body's on the big truck build. 


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2 hours ago, jay said:

You need to get ur number out there...get that **** paid off asap!

Haha, yep, got a few small jobs lined up , that way I can get some shake down runs in, see how she handles everything, then when I'm confident the truck is ready, open the gates haha

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Finished the exhaust system today, Dual 2-1/2 " from the  a down pipes back,  also converted to "L " arms from spoons on the wheellift. That should be the last of the big repairs, onto smaller things. Here is a finished product shot



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Was checking why the round rubber mount lights under the rear didn't work, pulled the light from the housing.... And the entire housing was full of water to the top, did not see that coming, and both sides. Bought what I thought was a pair at princess auto.... Guess not, only one in the big *** box that could have fit 3. So went back and picked up another to make the pair

7 hours ago, derekmac said:

Looks good Matt!


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2 hours ago, TomWood said:

Damn thats not good, at least you got some new ones on it. Getting close to ready for inspection?

Very close, so close I can taste it, due to  the heavy gvw, it has to go through Commercial vehicle inspection. While under it I found a broken away bar link, so going to replace all 4. Also have to replace sling rubbers and pick up a couple of recovery items along with a couple straps for the wheel lift. , Hopefully after those items it will be on the road 

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