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March AGM


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Hi Everyone,


We are coming up to March which is our AGM month. I apologize as I havent been keeping up with meetings and such very well. However the AGM will be held! Where it is late notice I was thinking we could have it March 17th at 7pm, Larry Uteck sobeys community room. This is the day before our Monthly run and I believe it would be a good time. Please let us know if it is not and we will work on it :) 


One note this is where people will renew their membership, and where the Executive is voted upon. If anyone would like to run for a position please let us know here, along with any nominations for a position. With nominations if the person accepts it then they will be part of the vote.


Positions Available:


President (Current Tom Wood) - I am going to run again this year

Vice President (Jay Dye)

Treasurere (Robbi Hatcher)


Post up if you want to run for a spot, all three are up for grabs.

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Hey Tom, is it worth outlining the expectations for each role, so folks can have an idea of what they're getting themselves into should they nominate themselves?


IMO Tom has the club running in what I call lean-wheeler-mode - ie. a club for wheelers, by wheelers - **** gets done, there's no BS, no drama, and we all get a regular chance to wheel, and also have some great events. OK, the monthly club meetings went by the wayside, but TBH I don't think they've really been missed that much, other than the chance to have a natter.


If nobody steps up for VP, I'll run again.

That sounds bad, but let me explain....


The role of VP for me this past year has been relatively light touch, and I've mostly helped with trail organization, which I would have done anyways, since that's one of the main reasons why I'm a member of this fine club.

If somebody want's a chance at VP, then I'm happy for them to have a go :)

Either way, I would still try and make sure the monthly runs happened.

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All good.  I try not to complain unless I'm willing to step up and try to do things differently myself.  We all have lives, and I think we all make oversights.


I'm going to attend the meeting, and vote, and not accept any nomination of myself, and carry on with the easy going nature of the club Jay mentions.




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I'll be heading to Cape Breton that weekend. I'll notify you Tom, Jay & Rob when I transfer my $20 to the club account ;). I'll throw it out there to host/co-host a run here in the Truro area. Let me "brew" on that idea for a bit, but I'm thinking Horse pasture for stock; Brakeline for those who are not! The trail is in Folly Mountain...about an hour & 1/2 from HFX.


Another option is "Mile of Mud" with the "Ovens" as a return though if you're stock, you're pooched. That run is also about 1.5 hours from HFX.


If online voting is an option, I vote for each of the existing execs

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