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Happy New Year and 4x4 Resolutions!


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Happy New Year all!  May your rigs always be ready and your  trail rides successful!  

I've got the usual plans, get the rig running first of all with some fun mods, but that won't be until spring.  The big events this year I hope will be another successful M.U.D., we have some 'radically' different ideas, and run the new to us 'Drill Road' trail.  And of course put my truck through the 'Trail Devlopment Day' trail, and any other interesting runs I can think of.  Afterall I think I must now have a reputation for leading interesting trail days...

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1 hour ago, jay said:

Love the trail name :)

For 2017 I'm looking forward to more trail running, and a little less rig development LOL



lol, you still did quite a few runs!  Probably more than many folks!  Some year I want to make it to a run a month.  This year it will be late spring at the earliest before I get at the rigs properly.


New trail name:  The Triplet of trails we ran on M.U.D. Day 2, I want to call "Trifecta'", or "Triplet".  Thoughts?


Eventually 'Arrested Development' may be fully completed, so it can be run starting with the longer route or the shorter run in to the hill, or even run without the hill.  In any event, the development is certainly arrested for now!


For 'Trifecta', any of the three trails can be run on their own, but for convenience it is almost easiest to run the three at once.  The perfect 'trifecta' of trails...:biggthumpup:


Next?........  I have one called 'Bear Meadow', and another called 'Otter Lake'.  One of the many Otter Lakes in HRM.  'Easily' used as M.U.D. runs.........

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