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You tried, the original listing said Made in Japan.  Now it's a crap shoot whether you send them back or not.


Maybe try to research the brand name of the India bearings first, or are all bearings made in India crap?

Or is it the principle that the ebay seller needs a take down?  I don't disagree.  Definitely post a bad review!


My OEM Nissan Rogue front wheel bearings, not knowing where they're made, are known to be crap.  Originals replaced under warranty, and then they went again.

Next time I went with SKF.  Don't know where they're made, but considered the best for the Rogue.  Bought as 'Premium' bearings at NAPA.

So my car is on it's third set of front wheel bearings, and it only has 170k!


This not wheelin' thing sucks for me too!  No predictions as to how soon I'll be on the trail.  Always hoping...........  Just wait till you see pictures of the deck refurbishment though! lol

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I've requested a refund. We'll see how they react once they see the shipping cost LOL.

"India HAS somehow managed to master nukes and rockets, and not with a great deal of outside help."   

Seems SKF are made in Europe https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0ahUKEwi8pvGLodfWAhVq7oMKHW0NB_AQFggxMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.skf.com%2Fbinary%2F21-252392%2FCounterfeiting%2Bbrochure%2B-%2B6940_1%2BEN_tcm_12-252392.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3r_aHnzpOz4CYGC_cF_Hau


....there's the whole counterfeit market too.

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Zuk has 2 hard tops.

A plastic one that I ran last winter and a fiberglass 2 piece 'Rallytop'.

The plastic top did well, but it's brittle, cracked and requires sheet metal screws for installation, which isn't sustainable.

So, I've decided to try and resurrect the fiberglass top.

The rear section is in pretty good shape and just needs some attention to the rear glass latch. The front needs some love as the back 'ridges' are steel rod enclosed in what looks like some kind of 30 year old epoxy that got blown out when the steel rusted.

It clearly needs some clips too, so I've ordered some adjustable draw clips. If I can get it clipped in, then I'll tackle the corrosion....and seals.








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So you need an engine and a body,  (maybe an aluminum repro?) and you can build a new one!  And then start upgrading it to Toy axles and bigger engine and and and. Lol. It never stops.

i have a few Scout spares.  That take up room and probably will never use them and not worth anything to sell them.  What to do with them? Even a spare auto tranny.  (Dodge 727). If the tranny went I'd just have the one in it rebuilt probably.  Why keep the spare?  Probably 30 yrs from now my brother will sell the house/garage and the spare parts will go to junk!  My oh my.

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Wow, what brand?  Neat filming.....

Yes it's very messy to work on, a great way to get rid of old clothes.  Wear 'em, then 'bin' them as you would say in the UK.

It also 'may' also keep you from getting stuck, lol, or at least let the mud fall off better on the way home!


Well, only maybe.

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