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started reassembly and was hoping to get a test drive tonight.

got the open 3rd in, 1 axle side is done.

started on the passenger side axle and discovered the wheel bearing was STIFF. When I limped home after the tcase seizure, that side was hot like the brake was binding. I wonder if it was the bearing getting hot and not the brakes.

It's not the side I recently replaced, so anyways, I need a bearing....

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Got a new rear wheel bearing pressed on thanks to Paul :)

This one is a newer Koyo version which is different to the old version (top right), which has a built in spacer, and one side is enclosed too.

Just gotta put a new seal on and that'll be both sides done now. Hopefully it'll last me some :)


rear bearing 2.0.png

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Went a charity run around Renfrew.

Zuk was performing really well in the deep muddy holes, even with it's open diffs. I DID get it stuck once where it would have pulled out with the locked rear, but overall I'm happy (for now).

Hit a puddle waaaaaaaaaaay too fast and pulled the exhaust away from its coupling. Easy fix. Exhaust in next on my list.

It also drenched the ECM because it's in a STOOPID place...oh, that's next on my list LOL. So I swapped it out with a 'spare' NP :)

Got on to Horespower Hill and the Zuk just died. Fired it up and it randomly died.

After some diags, head scratching, a few minutes of sammich munching, Dave and I noticed it only happened when the efan came on. So I pulled the 4 pin GMC plug off of the ALTERNATOR, and voila, no more problems....well except for no charging LOL. Weird!!

Dave and I quickly boogied out of there and I barely got the Zuk home on 8 volts....not much electrical was left working LOL.

Oh, and the OTHER front brake caliper started to bind....another swap for my list LOL.

Spent today troubleshooting. The Kenny's battery wasn't wasn't holding charge, so I added 2nd 'bad-ish' battery in parallel and it seemed to help.

I bought a battery. Problem still not fixed.....then I remembered we swapped ECM. The original ECM was dry now, so it went in and 'touch wood' I think it's fixed.





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Alternator, not distributor
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Good question!

Immediate issue...sticker is out next month. I need to get an antique plate on it ASAP.


Doesn't leak, but it is a POS from the down pipe back, it's Chads fence post creation and was only meant to be temporary, but you know how that goes LOL. Dave gave me a nice manifold with good cat and flange. I just need to put it together with some new exhaust.


Wiring needs a tidy up.
No issues now, other than the ECM, which I need to properly mount under the dash/firewall.
Dave has a library of spare ECMs for me LOL.


DS splines are a little worn.
I probably need a front pinion bearing as there's play.
In an ideal world I could do with swapping the rear 3rd to a steel housing and some kind of lock.
Current tcase seems OK, and I have a 'good' spare (3 older and 3 newer LOL)....and a rebuild kit on it's way.
Transmission input shaft is whining. Trans was swapped out of the Yellow one when I was diagnosing the whine that turned out to be the tcase, so I just need to swap it back.


It's got some screw holes in it, and some left over seat holes. I need to weld them up.


Speedo cable is broken. Replacement on it's way. I want to try and adjust the speedo to compensate for the gears.



I've some surface rust to treat.

Need to add rock sliders/rocker guards.


Duster Deck cover has a broken snap. Need to put a new one on.


Gas tank, is weeping around the top seams.


eBrake is weak. I think it just needs an ajustment on the handle.


um, I think that's it LOL

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Speedo cable is in, but it was a fight.

The earlier tcases have a plastic gear housing that slips into the tcase with a rubber washer. They are notorious for seizing and stripping the gears..and this was stripped. So I had to remove it and in the process it's almost impossible to not destroy the plastic housing.....and it was destroyed.

So I figured the later metal housing would work since I have a few.

Nope. It's almost the same, but has a lip that prevents it from going into the older housing..... easily solved with the grinder LOL



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My height is all in the body LOL....I do rub a little, sometimes if I'm not careful about wheel placement.

Primarily it's been an itch I needed to scratch :)

I'm hoping the extra diameter and weight isn't gonna kill it, but Chad seemed to do OK with 33's, so that's my misguided yard-stick LOL

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