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Might want to look closely at that clutch, with that much mud in there , it will pack around the diaphragm fingers of the pressure plate causing less than desired pressure on the clutch disc. Probably full clutch kit replacement needed

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3 minutes ago, jay said:

Took a look at the gas tank on the yellow one with a view to using it...it's no good.

Had a clean up and moved the good one outside and the yellow one under the block and tackle ready to be pulled.




Make sure to use the adaptor plate from the bad engine, it was a professional built piece for the 1.3-1.6swap. the plate in the yellow one was home made and didn't fit perfectly resulting in starter location issues.

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Just so we are talking about the same piece , here is a pic of the adaptor plate that u need off the engine from the grey zuk. It will look similar to the pics, I can't remember if it makes the whole loop on the bottom or just stops half way.


images (1).jpg

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