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My 05 Rubi build. Slow like a 4.0


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So tonight I picked up my 2005 TJ Rubicon.  It has 160,000 on it, and is a 6 speed.  The lady I bought it from owned it for 6 years, and kept all receipts for the work done on it, and kept it undercoated.  It's in good shape, but has the typical TJ rusty fenders and windshield frame.


So, the build plans....  Nothing major on this one.  2" lift, and maybe a 1" body lift, and later down the road, a tummy tuck.  Also no bigger than 33" tires.  Tires also won't come until new ones are needed.  Right now it has 31" Toyo AT's that are still in very good shape.


I don't have much for pics now, but will try to grab more tomorrow.












So I've been thinking about the 2017 wish list for the Jeep...


  1. Adjustable front track bar
  2. Rear track bar bracket
  3. New stereo system (nothing fancy, just slight upgrades over stock)
  4. New front fenders, most likely these ones: http://shop.blackwidowgear.com/Jeep-TJ-YJ-Front-Tube-Fenders-DIY-tjfrontfender.htm
  5. 1.25" Body lift (tummy tuck is in the more distance plans)


What it has done now


  1. Lifted 3" front, 2" rear
  2. 33" M/T's
  3. Superwinch LP8500
  4. Auxiliary LED lights front
  5. Auxiliary LED back up lights
  6. Locker mod
  7. Tablet mount
  8. Under hood ammo can OBA
  9. Under hood ammo can storage
  10. CB 
  11. Door less mirrors
  12. Rugged Ridge steering box skid plate
  13. Rock lights
  14. Homemade front BPE's
  15. Ford Windstar cowl intake
  16. Bestop cargo carrier



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8 minutes ago, jay said:

I'd be all over some tube bumpers ;)

What's a tummy tuck?


a tummy tuck is raising the bellypan with a high clearance skid plate. For the Rubi, it requires just a 1" body lift, and 1" motor mount lift, then the high clearance skid plate. For me, I would also need a slip yoke eliminator and new rear driveshaft to be able to do it...

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2 minutes ago, Eastcoastcam said:

Mount the lights right on the bumper. There is already holes for the factory ones... 

That's probably what I'll end up doing.  I also have my 24" light bar that I've got to mount, or might mount, not sure yet. lol  

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So I need to make a dead pedal for it.  It feels weird, and kind of uncomfortable not having one.  Should be super easy to fab something up though.  I also need to do a major overhaul of what gear I take with me on runs, as I now only have a 1/16 of the space as I did with the WJ.  Most stuff I carried was a just in case type thing, so now it'll be only what's really needed.


I'm also going to order a steering box skid plate, and I need to pick up a new CB antenna, and a mount for it.  I'll check the Big Stop Thursday when I get gas to see what they have.


Oh, and the stock headlights SUCK!! LOL

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