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Coffee Night


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My buddy woke me up at 730 to get parts off me :( I need coffee.

Aaaawww Muffin :blush: !!! I feel so bad for you :smiley-sleep017: !

Cam's game is at 6:00 at around Larry Uteck, so I may be able to stop up on the way home, probably between 7:30-8:00, if anyone decides to go out tonight.

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Alright, bringing this up again but in plenty of time before the coffee meet, it was discussed at a meeting and I feel this week we should have the coffee meet at the Tims on the Kearney Lake road exit. Thoughts?

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Around the time you guys are heading for coffee on Thursday, I will be picking one up in Regina :mellow: if there is a Tim Hortons in the airport there :smiley-think005: . Where it goes on this week does not matter to me, so my opinion is moot.

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