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Why Not To Wheel Alone...

Guest Eastcoastcam

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oh, ya I saw that. I don't want to sign up for another message board; too many of them.

I think their forum is for "club members only". I registered, but it didn't send me an activation email auotmatically. It said it would have to be manually entered. They should maybe only allow their forum members to see their pics sections too, as there are some that "our" wheeling crowd would deem inappropriate for a "public" forum.

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^^ agreed. Anyone has full access to the site which may not be the best situation, however, as with any forum, sections should be open to the public in order to increase support...and this issue/situation is one IMO.

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After being away all week, then reading through every post in the five pages this topic has hit, I dont really know what to think.

Since I purchased my Liberty 2.5 years ago I have heard nothing good about the ATV vs 4X4 debate, there has been bad blood and there always will be. I say this because no matter how many gatherings and meetings of the minds, there will always be people that are not willing to change their mindset. I do think as a club we should at least offer some man power to help rebuild the bridge and try to gain a positive light with some of the ATV'ers.

As for the 4 people who were wheeling alone, I am happy to hear they are ok, you never want to hear anything about people getting hurt participating in the sport we all love. Now as for no one seeing a thank you on a forum, thats a little low in my book. The great people that went out of their way and used their time and money to help these people recover their vehicle and get them to safety deserve a proper thank you.

Personally it is a great story to hear about the guys from NSJC going out and recovering, big props to you guys. Search and rescue, huge props for this and everything else you do to help people in need. Hopefully we can all look at this incident, figure out a way to keep our club and the other clubs in a positive light with the ATV crowd and there is some clarification on what happend, why people were involved, and if someone is responsible other than the party driving the off road vehicle.

Thats my two cents.

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