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What did you do to your rig today?

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The Cookie Monster is now sitting 4" higher :-)

I finished the bod work on the car! Just super impressed with how it turned out and I wanted to share :)   What I started with: 20150820_151132 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 20150823_114502 by Mitch

Cleans up pretty good

Posted Images

Here are some pics of a week ago. Weather is too nice to work on it today, and I'm going to be otherwise busy the next couple weeks, I won't get it fully reassembled for a couple of months I bet!

Took mirror off. The Ledwidge stickers peeled some paint off. But I hadn't even scuffed the paint before I painted it previously. Door handle unhooked, but they are a pain to get fully off!



Took rear fender flares off.


Back barn door.




Lights, headlight surround and chrome molding.


Rear fender flares had 3-5 inches of mud/silt in them! Looking at the stratification of the silt you probably tell what mud puddle it came from!



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Some more. From iPhone, not very good in 'low' light.

Took roller fairlead off, going to refresh the paint on the bumpers as well.


Took cowl off as well, so I can paint the middle piece as well, and to better cut things in below the windshield.


Door handles off!


Rear bumper off.


Cowl, bumper, rock sliders, grille guard, fender flares, rear axle with 4:56 gears awaiting the disc brakes.


Going to paint the roll pan below the doors as well.


The window felts going in the garbage. I have all new ones from LMC. That's the silt from the rear flares in a 1 gallon bucker!


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The second coat of paint put on last Thursday was too thin and didn't cover the already thin spots, so I put on another coat Sunday morning and Monday night. Wed night I started the slow process of assembling it again. However it's going outside for a month or so while we finish off some other long-overdue projects before they get covered in snow!

Over time I will start painting the inside. I have to pull the dash apart soon for some minor maintenance/upgrades and I'll probably paint the dash at that time. Only the bottom is metal.





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No wheelin for a little bit :(

Starting tearing my front axle apart to change the u- joints and seals. So since I'm doing the front might as well take a look at rear too. Bad bearing in the rear. Already have a couple of bearings just need to source out some u-joints and seals. And just maybe a competent welder since everything is apart on my floor.




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Took off the damaged tire, its a bad enough cut that I wouldnt run it on the highway or anywhere long distance, but it doesnt leak... So spare it is I guess... Luckily I bought five of the same tires so i had a matching spare to throw on...

Might sell them locally as I want a comfy set of on road tires and then the superswamper tsl/sx's that i have had my eye on as a trail on set.

They have been great tires though... It was my inexperience that got the tire cut.




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Tuned the WK with the Superchips Flashpaq tuner for fuel economy and so far, in the past couple of tanks, it's gone from a best of 19.3mpg to 21.9mpg (mixed but mostly highway). I'll be tracking this more closely but the only differences I notice are the shifts feel more pronounced and at 100kph, I'm revving just a hair over 1500 vs 1750 before. One feature I really like is the TPMS can be disabled for Off-Road, which I did yesterday on the P.O.R.N./NSJC North Nova run. Regrettably, I left it off on the drive home, and just a few kms before my exit on the 101, a car pulled up beside me to warn me that one of my rear tires was almost flat. After pulling off and refilling the tire, I turned the TPMS back on and limped home. Still had to pump it up one more time to get to the house, but when I got out, you could hear the air hissing out of the cut in the sidewall. The tire is now toast.


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With recent search & rescue training & fund raising, my boys national soccer championships, work & everything else going on, there's not been much time to fit the fun stuff in lately....but I've been in full-on squirrel-mode for a little while, and have some of what I think I need to get started on the winch & tube bumper build;
  • Some square tubing - to make a frame to attach to the frame horns, winch plate, tubes and clevis mounting brackets etc
  • Smittybilt 2803 winch plate - for the winch and roller fairlead...needs modifying a little ;)
  • Warn M8000 winch
I just need some plate to make up some frame brackets.
Here's my new to me winch - big thanks to Scott aka Garagemahal :)
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if at some point you dont like the looks of your welds for your bumper because you only have a 110v welder, tack everything in place and i'll weld them for you. i'm setup with gas so there is very little spatter. a pak of really bitter IPA or strong stouts would cover gas and wire :P

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if at some point you dont like the looks of your welds for your bumper because you only have a 110v welder, tack everything in place and i'll weld them for you. i'm setup with gas so there is very little spatter. a pak of really bitter IPA or strong stouts would cover gas and wire :P

I appreciate the offer :) ...but my welds will be perfect.....not! LOL

My rookie welds will be nasty I'm sure so I may take you up on that!....I've been practicing and they've not been too bad ...I'm learning ;) I think I'll struggle with the thick stuff for sure.

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Finally I got both exhaust manifolds replaced today, its still at the dealership and they say there is no more ticking!!! Woooooo hoooooo !!!!!!! So excited to see it.tomorrow.

Its getting undercoating done tomorrow morning and then it will be mine again :)

Only two negatives, driver front bearing is nearly kaput, and the ex manifolds were hyper expensive :'(

Actively seeking a tig welder around the HRM to repair old manifolds as a spare set, anyone know anyone?

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there is one guy out my way that is really good. he has his own shop in the backyard. why not just mig weld them? Pat is a certified welder and my setup is in his garage

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