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What did you do to your rig today?

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The Cookie Monster is now sitting 4" higher :-)

I finished the bod work on the car! Just super impressed with how it turned out and I wanted to share :)   What I started with: 20150820_151132 by Mitch Parsons, on Flickr 20150823_114502 by Mitch

Cleans up pretty good

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Just purchased an led light bar from eBay, it might be for my 4x4 or my semi.


I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Mines the 24" one, and not CREE, so your's should be even brighter than hell!

Send them a message though, and ask them to not ship using UPS, or you'll get raped with brokerage fees!!

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I do like the aggressive look of my 15 x 8 Eagle Alloy rims, and it's fun having the truck covered in dirt....however, the dirt is also a real pain in the ***, it gets in the window channel and scratches the window....well it just gets everywhere.

Also I've got a fair amount of fender rub.

So, I'm going back to stock...ish, with some 1997 Nissan Hardbody rims I got for a steal.

Unfortunately the previous owner cut the tires off and left the bead on. I don't have any bolt cutters, so I'm having to cut them off with tin-snips.


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Thanks. These rims are like the rusted out 6 spoke steelies that came with the tires.

For paint I always use Rustoleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover 2x. I find it goes on real slow and thick and doesn't drip as much as others, and its really forgiving if you're kak-handed like me.

I dont think its hyper durable like bedliner but the matt finish touches up really well.

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I killed my battery by leaving the dome light on, on the upside, my ARB Compressor is hooked up, put it between my seats in the armrest lol...well see how it works out, may be a little warm but don't think its any warmer than under the hood after a good run.

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I started the same work as Jay - picked up three matching "wagon wheel" steelies to match the set I already have. Picked one and started cleaning it up and got it into primer.

I will finally have my matching spare on the back of the truck!

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Installed a Cobra 75WXST in the WK. Not many places for a CB in my Jeep.


The mic is still reachable from the driver's seat.


It's a tiny CB and fits nicely in this hinge down panel below the steering column.


Tucked the coax under the door sills and along the side of the rear storage floor. Had to drill a hole beside the weather stripping.


The Firestik adjustable mount is pretty nice, and sturdy. A little nothch at the corner of the tailight.


The tailgate closes with no issues.


A Wilson 3' flex antenna.


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Nice and tidy...looks great!

I'll be interested to know how your Firestick holds out with the sheet metal.

I have a similar one for the X and after half a dozen trips out in the woods , the stress of a 4 foot fibreglass antenna eventually opened up the screw holes in the sheet metal where i had 4 screws to hold it in.

I had a spring on mine tho...maybe that was the problem,or it didn't like being hit by overhanging branches etc.... idk

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I bought the Wilson flex antenna (The Source) because you can bend it in half. It's very flexible and only about half the diameter of the Firestik ones. I'm hoping this will reduce stress on the mount.

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