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What did you do to your rig today?


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Installed new strut and lift in the front left of the jeep on sunday, still need to replace the right side and put the rear springs in. Hopefully be able to do that soon, also have a bearing kit for my rear end that I need to put in. Slowly getting it back to the condition I need it to be in.

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Last night when checking the old girl over before the weekend, I also installed some used-to-be chrome parts. I like the black on yellow look much better than the chrome on yellow.

Passenger side - still chrome.


Driver side - now black.


One of the four rain gutters that are now black. And the bases of the clearance lights I think I will do also!


So I'll keep at 'er!

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A while ago I had added some 'labels' to my dash. The two on the upper face of the dash were peeling off, because it isn't a smooth surface. So yesterday I replaced all three with 'plaque' style ones. I had these made over a month ago! I did this to make me feel good about something while I was looking over the brake and handling problems.



I'll get to the Rally pics yet! Can't get them off my phone right now.

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pulled my driveline skidplate back off - looking at alternative options now, would rather not put this one back on.

It is better than nothing, till you find an alternative. That is, of course, if you can tolerate the vibration sound of it on your exhaust until the alternative is found and installed :unsure:

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Change the Engine Oil - Was over due.

Pulled the RR axle, Had to fix a stud ( that holds it on the housing )

Pulled the Driveshaft ( never been removed before WHAAT FUN ) Heat and Deep Creep

Pulled the 3rd Member, Resealed it ( GUY was right she ain't light but should fix my diff leak )

Changed the Rear Brake lines and Wheel cylinders ( broke a line so might as well do it )

Noticed the backing plates are getting rotten so have to change those soon, Weld a bracket on the diff for the ebrake cable. Maybe order some SS brake lines for the rear and a new crush washer for the fill/drain plug.

This wasn't a fun driveway job. But I made it...



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