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What did you do to your rig today?


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Finally wired up my 1000w inverter in the Jeep today, also replaced a burned up distributor cap and rotor and some heavily corroded battery terminals. Also picked up a replacement transmission for the ram. That should be installed this week.

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So the Scout wasn't running quite right a few days ago.  It seemed to be missing at low- and mid- rpms.

I went to the Woodside Cruise In last night.  Lots of folks had their car hoods popped.  I did as well.  One guy was looking over my power plant / engine bay.  He mentioned the good grounds I beefed up / installed.


Then he said, your distributor cap is on crooked/askew!  I said sheeeeeee-it!  No wonder she was miss-firing!  So I straigtened it out.  Runs perfect again now!


But how did it happen?  Oh yeah I figured it out.  When I was under the dash pulling the AC hoses a few weeks ago they caught on something in the engine bay.  I gave them  a good yank.  Still no luck, so I looked under the hood and I had snagged a sparking plug wire. (That's for Jay.) Even pulled it off the plug.  I hadn't noticed that I had pulled the dizzy cap as well!


All good.  Except now the heater core is leaking.  But it is real easy to get to. I had it checked when I installed the water pump and rad and overhauled the coolant system last summer.  Guess it is failing...

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Went out to check out a new spot off of hard n soft. It's definitely a new trail, the only visible tracks were from a skidder logging rig and they were pretty grown over. Anyway an area loaded with stumps got the best of my tie rod.

IMG_20161030_135452.jpg Luckily I had a spare and had it changed out in a few minutes. we chose to turn back before we ran into anymore trouble and until we could come back with a saw and clear the trail a bit.

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Now why didn't I think of that?  Seriously, I've never carried a spare tie rod and I've bent mine a couple of times, and trailered it home once.  Sooooo, I need a spare one especially for multi-day M.U.D. runs. ULTIMATELY I want to switch to crossover and high tie rod steering though!  

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I hear ya.  I don't have to change the knuckle, just the top of the knuckle (I have a D60), but I have to change the sector shaft (easier to swap the whole steering box), and a new drag link.  That's just for the bare cross over of course.  For high steer I will also change the top of the driver knuckle, and new tie-rod.


And hope I don't have to buy the high-clearance cross member when I do this.  But maybe I should. (delivery time from Colorado sucks.)  And I probably should change the old motor mounts at the same time. $$


And when I switch to the '2WD' (crossover) steering box, if I buy all of the above as a package, I should buy the 'extra duty re-man' pump, but also with the ports already installed for hydro-assist. In case I do that later.  It's only another $100 right?  USD, then customs/tax/brokerage/shipping.  Ouch.


The whole package above, when delivered to my door, would be upwards of $2k.


I MAY try to stick with the just getting the basics and a reman 2WD pump from Crappy Tire to keep my costs down and hope for the best!


In the past I've bought best parts, and they've never failed.  She's a big heavy beast and the weak points are well known.  The steering is also my last one to address. (Maybe! lol)

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Got around to fixing my lightbar today.  Started training for a new job Monday and some chick swiped the front of my truck and caused some minor damage to the bar (along with major damage to her car)


Had to pull the bar, brackets and angle iron off and gently persuade it back into shape with a BFH :P


After being swiped.



Closer Look at the Light Bar



Her car after the swipe........I guess I did a good job at mounting the bar.



Light bar all fixed and mounted :) yes it still works lol


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