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What did you do to your rig today?


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15 minutes ago, jay said:

Oh it's done, I have 2x kijiji KM2's LOL. i m just waiting on the Tireman for a price for 2 more.

Lug nuts came in today from Rockauto too :)

Wicked!!!  Did you mount them yet to check for clearance?

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No, not yet. My back isn't fully recovered......but i can't wait to try.

I was on the fence over 33's and 12.50 vs 10.50 width and gear ratios etc etc. But I got a killer deal on these two that was too good to pass up, and I figured I may as well go to a 35 for almost the cost of a 33. Actually these should come in a lot cheaper than 33 x10.50's.

Also, at some point I want to redo my coil towers to straighten up the coils....not that it's causing any problems or ride / steering issues....and if I'm doing that, then I might as well go a touch taller on the suspension for  the 35's, depending on current clearance etc.

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Thanks! I've pretty much given up on my tire changer after almost killing myself removing/ installing and failing on the last batch of tires.

These KM2's seem to be really supple, and with the bigger sidewall, I'm hoping to just pop them on with my body weight and some soap.

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I done hundreds of tires on my princess tire changer, the only ones I had a hard time with and needed second hands is with the army Michelin XML.  I don't even have it bolted down, just welded to a plate and I can move it around anywhere in the yard or the garage. 

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15 minutes ago, derekmac said:

That looks like the same one I have Matt.

They work great, I wouldn't put a nice set of aluminum rims in it, but for off road aluminum rims and steel rims, works great. I'm going to mount one in my truck for doing trail repairs, iv got a couple of the princess auto tire changers

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My back...I was clearing up the garage on Saturday and just as I was finishing, my back went. It's not the 1st time - runs in the family and I'm always cautious of it. This time it was the worst.

I had some massage therapy on it last night, and she said she could feel where my nerves have been crushed. Probably from years of IT work and bad posture.....any my age doesn't help either LOL

The therapy got me back on my feet and I feel a lot better than I was....at least I can move around now :)


So, the 35's are a done deal.....we'll see what impact it has on the old girl.

I noticed a LOT of clearance issues when we ran Renfrew the other week, especially with the radius arm brackets. Probably just me not used to the setup, but it just got me thinking....bad, I know LOL :)

I'm a pretty cautious wheeler; not heavy right footed and prefer traction to spin, so I'm hoping I wont break anything :) The X doesn't have huge amounts of torque either...we'll see!


I managed to pop a tire on this morning. My suspicions were right about the big flexy sidewall. She popped on with very little tire iron persuasion :)


I'm gonna need some fender flares too!






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2 minutes ago, jay said:

thanks :)

I don't know what I'm gonna do for flares. maybe a trip to walmart for some edging.....which I really don't wanna do.

Someone posted about a 40' roll of edging for I think $12.99 at I believe Princess Auto.

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That new tire and rim looks amazing on your truck!  Go fer it!

Heck, if you run 35s I have to put my bro's 40s on the Burb, they're just rotting away,,,,,,,,,,,,lol


As for axleshaft breakage, you don't have the power to break them Jay.  I was just cautioning you is all!  Don't put a front locker in, and jam the wheel against a rock, and give 'er hell in 4Low,

and you will be all right.


As for gearing, you'll make out fine, did I see you looking for 4:11s?  :-) 


Interesting you mention clearance issues with the radius arms.  I just read about something like that,  but it was torsion bars vs coil overs.  Oh no, I shouldn't have suggest that!


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