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What did you do to your rig today?


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Common lug nut for Toyota. Get these ones, the washer stays on the lug. There are a lot of variation in sizing out there.

attachicon.gifToy Nuts.jpg


Toy is m12 1.50 ... mine are m12 1.25 - Rockauto just go by make/model and don't list the shank sizes.

I don't normally order from ebay but I found an exact shank size match - I've ordered these


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Got the Yokohama Geolander M/T's mounted, and I have to say I've become an instant fan!!
The 265/75r16 tires are an inch taller and comparable in width to the 31x10.50r15's, and I really like the tall look too :)
Before with Goodyear Wrangler Territory 31x10.50.r15's
After with Yokohama Geolander M/T 265/75r16's - I could not be happier!!!! :)
With my 2 inch suspension lift, no body lift and no front mud guards, the only trimming I may need to do is on the rear mud guards/bumpers.
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Any change in ride characteristics?

Hard to tell, I've not done many KMs on them yet. I'm taking Lewis to soccer training in Weir Field in a few. There's a quarry in Mt. Uniake quite close by, so I'll go and have a play whilst I wait for him to finish ;)

I would have struggled to climb that rock with my GY's tho as the ground was gravel....but that could also have been my Lokka helping out a bit too :)

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So as always I am slow on uploading pics.

Here is the dual battery setup.



The pillar switch allows me switch between charging both batteries or jumping the primary if it's dead from the secondary.


Today, Emily and I tackled cutting the fenders. Only been wanting to do this forever and final just did. Turned out fairly well! :D





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Jay your Xterra reminds me of the one I used to have about 8 years ago. I liked it a lot. Check out the wheels I had on it. I ran 235 85 16 Dayton timberline MT. Tires



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Yeah I was surprised when I saw those wheels on your truck. Do you have a rear locker or factory limited slip? I had added one or two extra plates to my rear limited and it worked really well. My bumper was not great looking but it did the job. The rock sliders I made for it saved it from lots of damage.

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