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  1. Looks real good on pics for a 22 year old vehicle
  2. I was following him for a while yesterday and seemed to like it it fits everywhere.
  3. It's better to pay a bit extra for those. I got some for our matrix from Napa . they were like 75 cents or a buck each and they rusted instantly.
  4. Winter is almost over. Put those krawlers on. Plus you have the rogue as a daily anyways
  5. That's how my buddy has his setup. The glare is really not that bad
  6. If it was my truck, I would mount the light bar below the bar. and mount the round spots on each side of the windshield . my buddy has on 06 Rubicon and that's how his is setup. Looks a lot better IMO
  7. If it was my rig, I'd do it with the do it once do it right mindset. So I would just built a custom trackbar. I'm not a big fan of sleeved stuff. Weld aren't always perfect and also corrode.
  8. Some people ask 3500-4500 for rustbuckets with crappy 3.0s so yes you're right, its pretty cheap.
  9. I didn't even notice it wasn't a Tacoma , o loomed at the ad pretty quick. I looked at the price and that's it.
  10. I wonder what he means by a little TLC? Every other retard with an old yota thinks they are worth a fortune. And it's a 1st gen. You probably know that but anyways.
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