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  1. I guess they should be called "Fastensome" then! lol The factory bolts are grade 10.9, though 8.8 should be fine. I'll check the Elmsdale CT tomorrow to see what they have. Thanks guys!!
  2. Oh, where's the best place to buy metric bolts? I'll need 6x M12-1.75x55mm.
  3. Well I went to the u-pull today since there's a lifted TJ there, and I pulled the transfer case drop pucks. I can't use the bolts though since this was an older TJ that used standard instead of metric bolts. I also grabbed two oil caps since mine's broke. Everything cost me a grand total of $11.50
  4. OK, so I have some current and future plans in the works. I won a $200 gift card for Peck Auto at Invasion, and I'm going to be getting a Rough Country high clearance skid plate with it. This is part of the current and future plans. To properly use this skid plate, I need a 1.25" body lift, rear adjustable upper control arms, rear double cardan drive shaft, and a motor mount lift. I have a MML in the garage, but none of the other parts. My plan is to install the new skid using drop brackets. Even dropping it down, I should gain some clearance, and I'll have a skid that is flat on the bottom, and won't dig into the ground like the stock one. I also want to eventually (next 2 years probably) get front and rear TMR bumpers for it, and maybe their rock sliders. I also want to do the ZJ tie rod upgrade, since it's quite a bit heavier than the TJ one.
  5. I have about 500km on my new brakes, and I'm loving them! Way better than what was on it. Cold bite is very good, but they really shine with a little heat in them. I also completed my 3" junkyard lift today. Since the Crown Vic springs didn't lift the rear as much as I thought they would, I installed the front coil spring isolators that I didn't use, and now it's sitting right at 3" front and rear.
  6. Ah man, that really sucks about the no coverage. Fingers crossed that this one turns out to be as good as it sounds!
  7. Just saw it on Facebook. So sorry Matt!
  8. My new front calipers came today, and I was able to get them on in between rain showers. For bed in, EBC says to drive it easy for the first 200km, then to start the hard braking to really bed them in. After 1600km they say that's when you'll really notice how good they are. Right now they're already twice as good as what was on there. I'll get the rears done on the weekend (hopefully).
  9. I went to do the front brakes today, and got partially done. The front passenger caliper is sticking, and the piston has a crack in it. I ordered two new calipers for the front. I welded up the indents in the brackets where the pads sit too, and now they're nice and smooth.
  10. I didn't feel like working at work today, so I decided instead to make some speaker adapter plates so I can remove the blown 4x6's, and replace them with new 5.25" ones. I won't cut the centers out until I get the new speak.
  11. Yep, the tailgate locks, and the lid for the trunk has two latches that you have to release before it'll open.
  12. Tonight I picked up a Jeep Add-a-Trunk. I wanted to be able to secure stuff a little better with the soft top on. This bolts to the tub, and you can't open the top with the back door closed. I didn't clean it before I took these pics...
  13. From the reviews I've read, guys have been very happy! Some have also said that they almost grip too much, and you need to get used to them as it's easy to lock the tires up. I'll definitely post my thoughts during and after break in.
  14. Pads and rotors are ordered. I can't wait to get them to see just how much better the braking will be.
  15. I've always been satisfied with stock or cheaper brake parts on every other vehicle I've owned, but not the TJ. I was going to go mid range parts, but said the hell with it. I'm no longer going to cheap out on parts that really do matter.
  16. So, the brakes on the TJ were never amazing, and after putting the 33's on it, they are even less amazing, lol. They're just cheaper pads on it now, and I assume cheaper rotors too. With four of us in it, the braking performance is a little unnerving. My plan to fix this isn't exactly cheap, but it's considered the best brake upgrade you can do before going to a big brake upgrade. I'm going to install EBC Yellowstuff pads, and Centric rotors. The cheapest I can find the pads online is Amazon, and the rotors through RockAuto. It's going to cost me around $500, which is very hard to swallow!! I'll feel much safer knowing I'll be able to stop quickly if I need to though, and if my wife takes the Jeep, I'll definitely feel better!
  17. Oh yeah, I'm also really happy with how much sun my mesh top blocks! It makes a big difference, and it's much more comfortable driving with the top down now.
  18. After many months of procrastinating, I finally mounted my full size (33x12.5x15) spare. I honestly didn't think it would fit, but it does. It's a tight squeeze on the bumper, but that just means that the bumper will be supporting the weight instead of all the weight being supported by the door.
  19. The bad u-joint in my front driveshaft has been replaced, and the shaft is back in the Jeep. The bad vibs are gone too, woohoo!! I also realized that I NEED a 1/4" air ratchet! I borrowed a Snap On one from work, and it made putting the 8 bolts holding the driveshaft back in sooo much easier! The entire tool fits in the palm of my hand, making it easy to get into tight spots. Now, I don't have $300 to get a Snap On one, but I'll be keeping my eyes open for a half decent cheaper one.
  20. I pulled the front driveshaft to replace a u-joint (axle side), and now the Jeep is driving vibration free without the shaft in. I'm going to stop at Napa tomorrow and grab a new one. The one I'm replacing is the original one with over 170,000 on it, so I think it did its job. The other two joints seem good, and so does the centering ball. Fingers crossed there won't be any vibs when I put it back in!!
  21. I only had the Jeep up to 70, and there was no flapping. It's pretty taut, so I think even on the highway it'll be OK.
  22. I installed my modified JK mesh top today, and I'm really happy with how it turned out!!
  23. So I have my TJ very close to what I had pictured for it, but there are still a few things I'd like to get done. ZJ tie rod upgrade 1-1.5" body lift Motor mount lift (already have) Replace crackling speakers The reason for the MML and BL, a tummy tuck. I don't plan on doing the ZJ tie rod upgrade until mine needs replacing. The BL kind of scares me, as rust belt rigs tend to be known for the body mount bolts breaking off, though I haven't had any issues with bolts breaking yet (knocks on wood). The stock sub and speakers are all on their last legs, so I really wouldn't mind getting those replaced ASAP. I like my tunes, but can't crank it up since it sounds awful, lol. The tummy tuck will be later down the road. I'll need adjustable rear control arms, and a double cardan rear driveshaft. It's low on the priority list, but is definitely on the want list!! There are some things I need to get done now though. I have a rear caliper that's sticking, so I ordered two new ones ($46 off for a pair from Amazon). Both hubs on the front are starting to go, but they're not bad yet, just a little bit of play in them. I'll replace those when they start getting worse. A u-joint on the front driveshaft also has a tiny bit of play in it.
  24. I bought a nice mesh top for a JK (Rugged Ridge 13579.11 Black Mesh Island Top) a few months ago for super cheap (thanks Amazon!), with plans on making it fit my TJ. I started on it today, and am just about done. This had quite a few straps that had to be cut off, and I had to take a few inches off of each side since the JK is so much wider than a TJ. It ended up being more time consuming than I thought it would be, but I think it'll look and work good once I'm done, and get it on. I just have to finish putting grommets in one side, and buy some ball bungees to strap it to the roll bars.
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