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  1. Tomorrow looks like it should be half decent, so hopefully the PB does its magic and they come loose for ya.
  2. My rims are plasti dipped, so are the plastic strips behind my rear side glass, and my gas door. The wheels have been done since before the summer, and they have only peeled a bit, and that's after going through mud, rocks and ice. The stuff holds up better then most people believe it will. Just make sure the surface is prepped and clean. Oh, my rims are also chrome, and I only gave them a light scuffing and cleaning before applying two coats. Here's one of my rims after about 6 months.
  3. I was actually going to Plasti-Dip the whole grill black, but decide against it. It's really easy to take off, so I might still do it.
  4. Thanks! It took me so long to do as I thought I needed a ZJ washer bottle before I could cut it. Turns out the stock tank doesn't hang down near as far as I had thought.
  5. I finally got around to trimming my front bumper. Before: After:
  6. Hmmm, for mine it says 21.9 HP @ 5900 RPM and 19.4 TQ @ 3900 RPM. I wonder what kind of mileage gain you'd see with the mileage tune? It says that it uses the Jeep Flashpaq 3872. Can you buy these used, or once used, are they locked to that vehicle?
  7. I've looked at the Super Chips before, but can't see how it's worth the money. Maybe it's one of those things that you need to see the difference first hand.
  8. I've thought about getting those too, but I'm too cheap to buy them! :D
  9. I think I'm actually going to be able to make the meeting on Friday. It's only taken me what, almost a year to get to one? :D
  10. Nice! I could really use new struts for mine. The hood one is really bad when it's cold out, hood usually has to be held up with my head. :D The hatch will hold, but it is a bit saggy. Sadly, they're not in the budget right now though. :(
  11. I can do Elmsdale Timmies tonight. :smiley-music037:
  12. Yeah, HID's without a projector housing can really blind oncoming drivers.
  13. So that's how they do it eh? I always wondered that! :D
  14. I just finished changing the oil, and I fixed my broken washer nozzle. God I love Loctite 404! :D
  15. It's good enough for me! :D
  16. I took my broken taillight off and glued it back together. Thanks Jay for picking up the broken piece!
  17. Well I was wondering why the Jeep was still vibrating after the ice has come off the wheels, looked, and found that I lost all my wheel weights. My transmission crossmember is also now bowed up some, and where the rear drivers side control arm mounts to the Jeep got crushed in a little. With loosing all the tire weights, it has me thinking about getting beads instead of getting them rebalanced. If I keep loosing weights, getting them balanced will add up pretty quick.
  18. I might go to the Bedford Walmart to get stocking stuffers, so if you guys are going there, then I'm a maybe.
  19. I'm surprised no one else got any damage in there. There were some serious chunks of ice!
  20. As of right now, yep! :smiley-transport027: How about you, has the mock SAR been changed?
  21. Changed my output speed sensor, so I now have 1st gear past 20kph! :smiley-dance005:
  22. Well I finally ordered an output speed sensor, and it arrived today. Can't wait to get it put in so I have full use of 1st gear again, and OD!! I also got a U-Joint for the rear drive shaft axle side. I've never changed one before, but it can't be that hard, right??
  23. I know, I know. The only thing that has really stopped me is I have to relocate the washer fluid reservoir as it's behind the drivers side fog light. If I can find I think a ZJ washer bottle, I can mount that under the hood. I agree, paint em up Jay!! As long as it's not a drunken sawsall party, I want the cuts to be fairly straight! :D
  24. I've been thinking about doing some front bumper modification myself. I want to go from this: To this:
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