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  1. 5 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

    Does Transworld sell individuals again? For awhile there they were getting away from it I thought.

    Problem is the length - PA, Transworld, Parts for Trucks, Fastenal or Fastening House Atlantic don't carry 7" 9/16

    Heading out to Lynds in Truro as they have stock 🙂

  2. Had partial success. Got one of the joints dismantled and Dave got it greased and tightened up for me.

    One down....

    Number 2 on the list had it's ball seized to the bolt. No amounts of BFH was shifting it, and because they are nylon, no heat is allowed unless replacing the bushing, and I didn't have spare bushings.

    Bushings just came in with new joints...



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  3. MVI is up in June and my Rubicon Express Super Flex joints all need adjusting to take up some play in the nylon bushing.

    After 3 months and 6 cancelled online orders (due to back order), I finally found the tool in stock on ebay. 

    I have tried to free up the collar, but they are rusted on good. Even with heat, a hammer and drif...no joy.  I also started to make a tool, but glad this has finally arrived 😃 its beefy!!

    Hoping a few ugga duggas on it will break it loose 





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  4. Went on an impromptu tour of Conrod Settlement to 357

    Entrance was a small side road between 2 properties.

    1st half of the trail was rocky, then halfway i noticed a noise...all front driveshaft bolts had worked loose at the tcase, and obscured by the beefy tcase mount. So I switched to 2wd for the rest of the day.

    The trail in 1 way in 1 way out, but we found a narrow crossing, which imediatley lead to a steep muddy hill climb, up to a trail and then a few kms out to the 357.





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  5. 2 hours ago, Powerram said:

    GOING OFF ROAD! Here is an Update on the towing, and looking at expanding the business. Towing has been going well, thanks everyone for the referrals, much appreciated. Iv had several calls now for off road recoverys, some iv had to turn down due to lack of equipment. Well , not any more.

    Now for the off road Recovery build. Iv just ordered a s#!t ton of new parts, including a grizzly locker for Dana 60. I sold my go fast adrenaline rush to fund this build to add to my dream. Starting with just a bare frame sitting on dirt and blocks.  More to come . ..  Stay tuned......




    Good to hear your new venture is starting to pick up momentum!!

    Can't wait to see what's coming 🙂

  6. 2 minutes ago, sar4x4 said:

    Not long, but a long-ish way in and out, depending on which way ya go.  

    Lockers and dry weather.  That sounds like the yet unconquered hill at the south end of Muddy Myra area.


    yes we need to visit that one too 🙂

  7. 30 minutes ago, derekmac said:

    I have a few handheld units, but I wouldn't mind getting something like the Midland MXT115 or MXT275 to keep mounted in the Jeep.  I can't seem to find a Canadian place to buy them though...

    The reason you can't purchase one in Canada is;

    In Canada GMRS and FRS radios are not permitted to have detachable antennas to qualify for the FRS/GMRS designation. In the USA GMRS units can have detachable antennas, but there is a license fee associated with it. That's the difference. The retailers are probably not permitted to export here for that reason.

    FRS/GMRS is the 70cm band.

    You can use a 70cm band radio and legally transmit if you have a HAM license.

    You can use a 70cm band radio and legally receive without a HAM license.

    You'll just have to bootleg one in. I have an AnyTone AT-778UV.


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  8. Got invited to an impromptu tour of Ellershouse and convinced the guys to take Matt's hill.

    It was still very steep, and a lot of the trail was wider than I remembered. 

    Anyways, I was happy we took my suggestion as it's a really fun trail 🙂





















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