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  1. No coffee night sux
  2. the base is always a good spot for a photo-op
  3. how do you feel about pin-striping ?
  4. yes it was super soft up on the rocky part and on the trail - you could barely stand on it
  5. Here's the full unedited version of me trying to climb the rocks - the ground was super soft, and I only made it once my rear tires got some traction
  6. Yup, a longer wheelbase will restrict you in the tightest of trails. Most trails we run are full size do-able, so you just have to pick your battles
  7. Wheeling Saturday is back on at a new time....sorry for the fuckery and late notice. Leaving the old Arby's on Bedford highway (opposite Mighty Auto) at 11am
  8. ovrlndr

    Van died

    Damn bad luck. Hopefully the new X will be good for you.
  9. absolutely loving your build...coming along nicely
  10. Dave and I are heading out to the Range on Saturday March 21. Leaving the old Arby's on Bedford highway (opposite Mighty Auto) at 10am. GAME ON. See @ovrlndr's post below.
  11. Good eye, it's a boost/vacuum gauge I have connected to the intake. The old girl gets 18Hg at idle which I believe is about right
  12. Hehe....they've been doing some work on the FR pipeline, the big mud hole is completely filled in, and part of the trail near it was completely blocked by felled trees..I ran across a dude high centered trying to drive over a tree in his stock truck on winters...he got recovered
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