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  1. Nothing to tell really. We were out on the 1st half of Hard and Soft for a couple of hours whilst they filmed some light wheeling. The show will be on YouTube called Stuck in a Truck with Buck. Tom and Jesse were out with them on Saturday too.
  2. Tom and I hit up Hard and Soft today as we lead/supported a film crew. We only made it about half way due to camera battery life. Trail had warmed up a little and was nice and soft. I hardly got any photos because we were pretty much trying to stay out of shot, but it was a fun day There is another day of filming on Saturday. Trail to be decided.
  3. Nice !! Presumably you took the Ranger . Can you pm the track to me plz?
  4. That's literally all I know lol
  5. Tom and I are leading a celebrity through hard and soft for a youtube video today. That's all I know.
  6. Gas tank came today, just in time for tomorrow's 'celebrity' run. Good job it did because the leak was becoming a trickle. Didnt have time to paint it, so I'll fluid film it. Had to drill out one of the strap bolts with gas dripping on me lol. Old tank is in reasonably good shape, but PO had used duct tape as a strap insulator, and the sharp edge of the strap must have removed the galvanized coating off and caused it to rust. I didnt have an insulator so I cut some lawn edging to size as a substitute. Overall not a horrible job, but awkward on ur own. Gas gauge seems to be working now too. We'll see what it reads when I cycle through a tank of gas.
  7. always good to make a list to help get things moving along
  8. Rear brakes were making a terrible noise on the last club run. I found the adjuster at the bottom of the drum....somehow. Luckily I have spare shoes and adjusters Went around the TTB brackets and every bolt had at least 1 full turn of slack !! I can see now why Ford riveted the brackets on! Tank has always a been bit wet and the sender never worked properly. The leak is worse now. Tank and sender on order. Finally, dont those radius arms look nice under there
  9. Ooohh progress Eugene...we like that !! ah yeah retail day is coming fast. I don't have any choice really on the Flex or the SAS. The SAS really because the pivot bushings are shot. So it'll be out of commission for a little while...I wont be in a rush to get it back out in the salt.
  10. LOL I've got a wheel bearing to replace on Tracey's Flex this weekend, and once that's done I'll be rolling the truck in and ripping out the TTB.
  11. getting too cold for paint to dry in the garage, so i had to make a drying booth lol
  12. LOL... LOL...the SAS isn't going to be as long and complicated as the Xterra SAS was, as it's pretty much bolt-off bolt-on when replacing F150 TTB. I'm at a stop right now and I'm just pending GUY's old D44 for the knuckles. Got the 79 axle painted up...
  13. Could not be happier with my light choice. They're not crazy bright like leds, but they're not blinding drivers and have all the coverage I wanted The front end in the truck however was not happy the last 2 club runs....making lots of binding rubber noises when extended. Once it's back on pavement it drives perfectly. I think the pivot bushings are long gone. Time to pull it in to the garage soon for its SAS.
  14. Hit Hard and Soft again and night this time. We arrived at the trailhead and unfortunately Ken had to leave as a pully decided to let go on his F150. The rest of the run went well. On of my exhaust tips decided to shear off at the muffler and Roby had a coolant issue at the end of the trail that was easily fixed by adding some.
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