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  1. Ha ! I never noticed the man on a tractor thing until now
  2. Nice finishing touches. Are they NOS or repos?
  3. It's sat on 6 ton stands, so I swapped the wheels for a set that came with the axles I bought for the exploder, which has given me enough to level it out. I'm pretty much at a point where I can cycle the axle up and down
  4. Thanks, shes sitting on 6 tons now and they're on the last notch LOL I might put the 31s on, that would help a lot
  5. nothing is drilled yet, just lining 'er up. Gonna try borrow some bigger jack stands so I can level it out and put a plumb line on it
  6. Test fitted the pivot bracket location with the tires on for the first time. I was hoping to keep the original bracket location since it was easy, but the axle does need to move forward some.
  7. Made a rookie mistake and refused an old bolt on one of the radius arms and sheard the head off flush. Then snapped an extractor 1/2in into it. It took 8 goes with a washer and nut to get it out. Lesson learned...no reusing old bolts lol.
  8. yay!! Happy belated Birthday. Good to hear you're getting shop time booked in
  9. yeah I used one on the Xterra. There's a good cross reference chart here. I just need to get my measuring stick out.... https://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/universal-joints-ujoints.asp
  10. hehe....I do regret having to sell the Sami, but the truck is much much better on my back, shoulders and neck on my 6ft 2 frame ..and having a truck is useful too. So, the ratchet strap idea didn't work...the helper springs are just way too stiff for that. However, I installed the radius arm brackets using a trans crossmember bolt, and voila, I think she's in!! With the bracket in that position and radius arms in, the DS Ujoint just slotted into the yolk without length adjustment! I'm gonna need a combination ujoint tho because the caps are too big for the '79 and I don't want to release the pinion until it's absolute necessary. Apparently a 1978 F-100 uses them. https://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/jeep-non-hardcore/540411-8-8-explorer-flange-u-joint-x-ref.html I just need to take some final measurements before I start drilling holes....
  11. hehehe...I've had some good and not-so good ideas after a nights sleep
  12. Slept on it, had an idea....ratchet strap the rear axle to the frame, to compress the leafs, to bring the rear down......
  13. Daystar poly bushes came in so I installed them and have the axle hanging ready to start drilling holes for the radius arm mounts. I have a slight problem tho... the truck isnt sitting level on its axle stands.... it's nose down with the front weight. I've let all the air out of the back tires with a hope of the rear end coming down...and it didnt. I tried using the hi lift to bring her up, but it got sketchy really fast LOL. It looks like the trans crossmember bolt could be in the same spot as one of the radius arm bracket bolt holes, so I'll bolt the brackets on temporary using the existing bolt so I can get the jack under the front axle.
  14. yeah, I'm going to be in trouble no doubt LOL
  15. Coffee this week is 7pm Thursday at the Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8 Rolling weekly schedule; .Burnside Tim Hortons - 15 Akerley Blvd, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J6 .Bayers Lake Tim Hortons - 5 Lakelands Blvd, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2 .Bedford Common Tim Hortons - 36 Verdi Dr, Bedford, NS B4A 0C2 .Fall River Tim Hortons - 3290 Lake Thomas Dr, Fall River, NS B2T 1E6 - (Woodside when the weather is good) .Middle Sackville Tim Hortons - 1624 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A8
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