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  1. Ah that's what this is for! Don't be ashamed lmao I'm home from Alberta but I've got my Cummins wit me not my yota so I can not help unfortunately but someone will chime in I'm sure! Sam
  2. I think I'll come visit you guys I haven't been around for like 7 years I'm just down visiting my parents
  3. Derek that looks awesome!
  4. Still in alberta lol i would have told you guys if i was home!
  5. Zip cut on a grinder is probably the most dangerous tool I can think of, improper positioning, pinching or jamming the disc, these are some seriously dangerous hazards.... I have been struck by exploding discs from standing nearby others using zippys it sucks make sure u cover ur face. Look at this jack *** uploading images That being said for bolts that are a ***** and the part isnt anchored, an impact gun with a nice set of sockets, extensions and a universal joint work best for me. Dont forget to wear eye protection when possible in the garage boys!
  6. I gave u swaybar bolts too lol
  7. Do not put gear oil in ur auto trans
  8. Lol you can thank grandaddy hill for that!
  9. Skip to 6:00 https://youtu.be/oJRMLfrlPvg
  10. https://youtu.be/AKvy-3VmtfA
  11. Next project? https://youtu.be/AKvy-3VmtfA
  12. Cruisin offroad in bc
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