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  1. I hadn't wrote the Fords off until a few days ago. The issues I keep seeing with them is insane. Really nice trucks, ride smooth and have the power but wtf is Ford doing with quality control is beyond me.
  2. Now I do know that the first year of the 8 speed was ****. They pulled most of them on a recall and replaced them with a beefier 8 speed transmission. The earlier Diesel was garbage as well
  3. Big old Hummer...sweet jeebus. Did the Ram have a 6 speed or the newer 8 speed? I haven't heard much bad about the Eco Diesel and new transmission.
  4. That's the type of thing I'm looking for. I like the Sierra a lot, but the drive seems a bit stiff. Never noticed the start/stop though.
  5. Lately I've been gazing lovingly at new pickup trucks, trying to find the best one to fit my needs of 4x4, crew cab with rear seats big enough to hold 2 x 6'2 adults comfortably for several hours of driving. After looking this rules out the Colorado, Tacoma, Ranger and those smaller sized rides. I won't be rallying it down dirt roads or rock crawling. Right now I'm looking at a 2018 GMC Sierra, it's about the smallest cab I'd go. It drove nice, kind of a stiff drive but I hear it has shoddy transmissions. I've also rented a big old F150 and it drove fairly nice but I worry about all the recalls and problems I keep seeing on the sites. The Ram (Hemmmmiiiii) looks like a nice ride but is a bit of a premium price over the other 2. Then there are the Tundra and Titan which are nice but I have no experience with. Anyone have any experience with the newer model pickups? I know something I kind of don't like is the hesitation off the line of the Dodge and Ford.
  6. Installed the front driveshaft into the Eagle. Had to change the yokes on the front diff and the transfer case (miserable to do when it's snowing and raining, outdoors and on the ground). But now I have 4x4, just have to get my new tires installed
  7. I bought all new shocks for my TJ. Swapped those out, ripped off the stupid pedal covers on my gas/brake/clutch pedals as well. Figured I can't be our rolling around on snow tires so I bought some 32" BF Goodrich TA K02 tires. After all that I got the dealership to check for an ecm update because mine keeps flashing up that my ac clutch is messed and an o2 sensor has a high voltage (this is a known tech service bulletin...and my jeep has no ac). Their scan tool needed a new cord but they checked the mileage on it for me since the odometer is broken. I was pretty happy to find my pretty rust free 2005 tj has just over 100k km on it. I thought it was a lot more than that. W00t
  8. Pornog...errr photographic memory allows me to do wonderful things. I should snap a few ;)
  9. Bought a replacement axle for $40 (Chrysler 8.25), so I've decided to school myself a bit on what they're all about instead of imagining leprechauns whipping hamsters inside the rear pumpkin. Have it pulled apart now with both axles out. Refreshing it, taking off a bit of the rust and all that jazz. Going to replace the pinion seal and 2 wheel seals after the paint dries, and maybe the wheel cylinders (might reuse the ones on my current brakes). Next up is the reassemble then taking it over to a buddies and putting in a 2" or so lift. Giggity.
  10. Set a plan out for rock rails and a few other mods to the body (to get rid of rot as well as allow the wheels more articulation) with my mechanic and friend. Also picked up a replacement caliper and new brake pads. Not much action as of yet, but I'm laid up for a bit but having a plan set out and putting it into action is at least something ;)
  11. There are sockets at Canadian Tire that are supposed to be good for this, I've seen them work at my dad's in CB, and it worked GOOD. The bolt head was snapped off and it held onto what was left to grab it out. Here they are, or similar...but Im pretty sure it's the same : http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/6/Tools/Sockets/SocketSets/PRDOVR~0582501P/Grip+Tite+Rusted+Bolt+Remover+Metric+Socket+Set.jsp?locale=en
  12. If you know how to build your own PC you'll get build and quality far above and beyond any pre-built. I do this and plan for the future, makes my PC easy as balls to upgrade, replace faulty parts and I know what to blame. Mac uses off the shelf parts for the most part, a few in-house pieces to finish it off, and they have pretty high standards. If I had the cash and liked the Mac OS I'd use one without an issue, but I'm a PC guy through and through (and a bit of a linux lover ;) )
  13. Apple touting their products as being superior to PC is ******* hilarious. It's like when they started to advertise a 2 button revolutionary mouse...that was in 2004. Apple has been using PC parts for nearly 9 years now, at the start it was video cards and memory, now if you peel one open you'll find strictly PC components in their desktops and laptops. Nothing is different, hence being able to install Windows on Mac products without any of the programs you used to need. The MAC OS will run on most current PC hardware too...I know, I've run it on my PC, laptop and netbook. It's the OS that makes the difference, not the hardware. Apple DOES make a sweet looking quality product though...I kick myself every time I look at my shitty Android tablet made by Asus which has had the digitizer glasses shattered TWICE from being tapped on the sides. Macs have seen a dramatic rise in virus's in the past few years to boot, but will never see what hte PC market has been through. Because no one cares to hack a Mac.
  14. I'm in the same boat vda...idiots just wanting to pawn off crappy 4wheelers, shitty motorbikes or worse off cars. Or people want me to hand them the keys, always with the same old "I can get one of these anywhere, I aint paying that"
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