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  1. Is it going to be a drive way swap or a garage swap? You can give me a call as soon as you know the date and I might be free to help.
  2. Congrats on selling the Liberty and already finding another wheeling rig!
  3. Were you able to limp it back home?
  4. The wheel bearing still making music?
  5. That is pretty good. Thanks for the info!
  6. How much will it cost to install the 6" lift? I know it's a different set up then my truck, but I'm curious how much work at cvo costs.
  7. Tom was on the opposite end of the tow strap with his new tires! Sorry for the cut off video, I accidently pressed the stop recording button....yes I'm special. :twak:
  8. Welcome to the forum! :welcome2: Nice Truck!
  9. Welcome to the forum and it was great meeting you today!
  10. That's good of them to fix it for free. :biggthumpup:
  11. Medians and pedestrians always get in the way!
  12. As of today all fluids have been changed on the truck within the last month.... lets see how long they can stay in the truck! :banjo: - Pwr Steering, transmission, transfer case, front end, rear end, brake, clutch, coolant, and engine oil.
  13. I'm a little late responding but, your welcome for the help!
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