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  1. I have a Titan and absolutely love it! I've had it on rallies, to Newfoundland and to Quebec. Like Tom already mentioned just drive them all. Quality wise I find Nissan is right up there if not better than a lot of the others. I have a PRO 4X and went to Antigonish this weekend, averaged 11L/100km. Up and back I used about half a tank and still have 400kms till empty (according to the onboard computer), my best mileage so far was in the 10L/100km range. Overall I'm extremely happy with it thus far.
  2. I have a 7" Android head unit that i bought for my old truck, not gonna use it in the new one. Brand new! The harnesses are for Nissan but the unit should work with any vehicle, just need the appropriate harness. Paid $400 for it but am open to offers including trades. Interested in a headache rack (custom build or pre built), side steps or anything else for a Titan.
  3. You suspect correctly, I found myself needing/wanting a bigger truck more and more often until I finally pulled the trigger on one. I got the 5.6 V8, the diesel was way out of my price range unfortunately. It will be interesting to see how she holds up, I have high expectations for it. My fronty had almost 200k on it and it went across Canada twice. The only thing I did was oil changes and minor maintenance (brakes etc).
  4. Well, its time to say goodbye by to an 'ol friend and welcome the next generation into the family. Said goodbye to my frontier and hello to a new Titan :). Sad to see the fronty go but it was time, happy to have a full size again and look forward to a new project. Hence this thread, time to start all over again! So it didn't take long for the mods to start lol. Just simple things for now (we'll see how long that lasts) like upgrading fog lights to LED, reinstalling decals and my lights. I got some more lights to go on but no mounting points, appears I'm gonna have to make (or find someone who can) a custom headache rack . Here are some pics: My New Baby: Stock Fog Lights: LED Fog Lights: Front Grill Warning Lights: Rear Deck Warning Lights:
  5. Thanks! Needed something a tad bigger and a bit newer, just time for an upgrade really.
  6. I will as well but I'm also excited to have a new project lol. It was a good rig, can't argue that. Hmmmmmm I wonder where I can skillfully acquire one or two
  7. Where do you want me to start? Lol
  8. So I finally got around to doing a Titan swap! Didn't come out the same as the pictures though..........
  9. Thanks! Lol. Almost feels that way, has 185K kms on it so I can't complain. If people would stop running into me I could get some things figured. Have to address the UCA's and the rear axle seals then I should be able to go play a bit!
  10. So uh...I feel like I should post in the intro area again it's been so long I got my truck back yesterday, It was being repaired due to getting rear ended at a red light and today I decided to hit up Kenny's (while waiting to head down to Bridgewater) and managed to pillage an '05 Pathfinder for a bunch of trim pieces and an airbag sensor (turns out it didn't fix my problem). Now to research some struts and shocks so I can upgrade the suspension and be a tad more stable on the 'ol rally courses lol.
  11. So, as some of you know myself and Tom recently went on an adventure. For those who don't know, we got the opportunity to not only attend but to run sweep in Quebec for Rallye De Charlevoix. It was an amazing time and met some really awesome people!! Neither of us can wait till next year to do it again I have attached links to the photos and videos I have collected and I'm sure Tom will share his as well (if we're nice :p) Enjoy! Pictures Videos
  12. Some pics and videos for your viewing pleasure! Day 1 https://goo.gl/photos/syUTgVqTZ4wnHUoB7 Day 2 https://goo.gl/photos/2ZCDQEWeSMYV8XLJ6
  13. Haha sounds like fun! I do not have a winch but I do have straps and what not if that helps.
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