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  1. I have a Titan and absolutely love it! I've had it on rallies, to Newfoundland and to Quebec. Like Tom already mentioned just drive them all. Quality wise I find Nissan is right up there if not better than a lot of the others. I have a PRO 4X and went to Antigonish this weekend, averaged 11L/100km. Up and back I used about half a tank and still have 400kms till empty (according to the onboard computer), my best mileage so far was in the 10L/100km range. Overall I'm extremely happy with it thus far.
  2. I have a 7" Android head unit that i bought for my old truck, not gonna use it in the new one. Brand new! The harnesses are for Nissan but the unit should work with any vehicle, just need the appropriate harness. Paid $400 for it but am open to offers including trades. Interested in a headache rack (custom build or pre built), side steps or anything else for a Titan.
  3. You suspect correctly, I found myself needing/wanting a bigger truck more and more often until I finally pulled the trigger on one. I got the 5.6 V8, the diesel was way out of my price range unfortunately. It will be interesting to see how she holds up, I have high expectations for it. My fronty had almost 200k on it and it went across Canada twice. The only thing I did was oil changes and minor maintenance (brakes etc).
  4. Well, its time to say goodbye by to an 'ol friend and welcome the next generation into the family. Said goodbye to my frontier and hello to a new Titan :). Sad to see the fronty go but it was time, happy to have a full size again and look forward to a new project. Hence this thread, time to start all over again! So it didn't take long for the mods to start lol. Just simple things for now (we'll see how long that lasts) like upgrading fog lights to LED, reinstalling decals and my lights. I got some more lights to go on but no mounting points, appears I'm gonna have to make (or find someone who can) a custom headache rack . Here are some pics: My New Baby: Stock Fog Lights: LED Fog Lights: Front Grill Warning Lights: Rear Deck Warning Lights:
  5. Thanks! Needed something a tad bigger and a bit newer, just time for an upgrade really.
  6. I will as well but I'm also excited to have a new project lol. It was a good rig, can't argue that. Hmmmmmm I wonder where I can skillfully acquire one or two
  7. Where do you want me to start? Lol
  8. So I finally got around to doing a Titan swap! Didn't come out the same as the pictures though..........
  9. Thanks! Lol. Almost feels that way, has 185K kms on it so I can't complain. If people would stop running into me I could get some things figured. Have to address the UCA's and the rear axle seals then I should be able to go play a bit!
  10. So uh...I feel like I should post in the intro area again it's been so long I got my truck back yesterday, It was being repaired due to getting rear ended at a red light and today I decided to hit up Kenny's (while waiting to head down to Bridgewater) and managed to pillage an '05 Pathfinder for a bunch of trim pieces and an airbag sensor (turns out it didn't fix my problem). Now to research some struts and shocks so I can upgrade the suspension and be a tad more stable on the 'ol rally courses lol.
  11. Today, after running mom and dad around to different doctors lol, I managed to get some side warning lights installed (more to come). Pulled my door panels off and ran wiring through the factory holes so she's nice and clean. This thing was a pain to get the wires through!
  12. Did an oil change and tire rotation today. Almost got smacked in the face by an 5lb siren speaker and angle iron lol. Mechanics moved it when they replaced my bumper awhile back, didn't tell me though! Changed my diff oil as well which came out looking like milk........
  13. On that note (and since it stopped raining) I decided to check it out and I think you might be onto something. There was a fair amount of oxidation along with grime build up. Unfortunately there is no way to test the fix since the issue is completely random and rare, although the voltage does appear to have stabilized (not moving up and down as much). Hopefully that solves it lol Thanks! Before After, both positive and negative terminals looked like this.
  14. Well......looks like I need to update this a tad lol. Since my last post I had a new front clip installed (due to collision), new light bar installed (also due to collision), repainted some areas and removed my roof basket (to much bouncing around), and of course I have a new "minor" issue lol. So we'll start with the painting, front clip and grill are now painted (professionally) with bedliner I also touched up other areas with more bedliner lol. Prep: THE most important part of painting. It ain't pretty but it worked, sanded all surfaces prior to painting. After all has been painted, hard to tell but just look for the none shiny areas lol. Hood, front fenders, front grill and clip, rockers, rear fenders and rear bumper were all bedlined. Rear bumper before painting Rear bumper after painting. I also decided to get rid of my roof basket and put my spare back under the bed, for now. So onto my current gremlin (I know I know, I should write a novel and your probably getting bored by now) for some reason truck wouldn't start after a very short period of being off. It started no problem yesterday morning and afternoon before I headed out to the dump. It's at the dump when I had the issue. I spent no more than 5 minutes unloading, when I went to drive away the truck was dead. No clicking or anything, when I turn the key just nothing (well some dash lights come on and then slowly dim) with a constant clicking noise from behind the gauge cluster (not the starter). My dash ammeter indicates the battery is within normal operating range (just above 12V, but it might have been stuck as well), all cables are tight to the terminals on the battery, and the charging system is at 14V (once I jump started it with my battery pack). Today I did some trouble shooting (not much due to the rain) but here is what I have. Before I started it the battery was at 12.0V, started no problem and jumped up to 14.8V. While driving around it stayed between 13.4V and 14.8V and I didn't notice any change while going over bumps or rough roads. I stopped off at Canadian Tire and once I turned the truck off the battery went to 12.8V 20mins later when I returned it read 12.3V and it started no problem. Thanks to some on this board already I have it narrowed down to either the battery or starter, although I'm leaning towards the battery due to previous issues with batteries. The truck starts instantly so I don't think it would be the starter, but I'm not sure and hence why I'm asking for professional help lol. Thanks!
  15. Figure I should post an updated picture of my rig. Few changes lol. Haven't been able to get out and play as much due to work but hopefully that changes soon
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