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  1. ....... like 15 emails later... lol
  2. Scott and I are gonna pop by.
  3. Work running late still haven't got out.
  4. Bayers lake so we can make it this week!! (Off at 7 makes any other hard to go to)
  5. I told him just take it to a trail and it'll fix itself... Jeeps break themselves when You make them mad,,
  6. The things that happen when Scott procrasinated from finishing the dodge... Jeep got a make over while fixing dash lights
  7. It has a 4inch-ish lift, and tube sliders already. Is the Jeep Clarence ran the event in. Great comdition, will be lightly wheeled. But mostly my daily with another project soon to follow.
  8. Well, time to let the cat out the bag: Bought another jeep!! New rear upper control arms, rear shocks. Little tweaking of the rear end. And welding the rust spot in the wheel well... Then took her home last night!!
  9. I work till 7, then we should be out.
  10. Even less seating at Larry uteck.
  11. Osborne has no seating always full. Was wondering when bayers lake would start their renos.
  12. if I don't work we will be there
  13. see who ever shows tonight ! :) 7pm bayers lake wendys/tims
  14. Coffee tomorrow anyone? Bayers lake Tim's (across from dodge dealership) 7pm
  15. We'll possibly be there tonight.
  16. 2 trucks not enough ? ;)
  17. Yup, across from Starbucks... You actually gonna show your face stranger?
  18. Didn't you just buy a truck ?!
  19. Coffee tonight ! 7:00pm wendys/tims bayers lake
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