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    snowboarding,workin on my 4runne/breaking it some more, playing video games relaxing and enjoying a nice cup of coffee
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    whats left a 1989 toyota 4runner 3inch body lift w/33x12.5x15 hankook procomp mt ,4.56 gears, 4x4 rock sliders , gas tank skid plate ... more to come

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  1. Was wonderin why I didnt see a suz in any picks I thought your were just takein it easy till you got your wheel spacers
  2. Future note for other photos write the date in the mud for proof of date
  3. I only had less the 150km on my clutch when I ran elershouse and its fine I just stayed in 4low amd shifted as little as possible
  4. Hey dave if you got a spare seat I might be persuaded to change your tires for you some time friday or saturdY night
  5. picked up my 3 inch body lift today now i just gota install it
  6. and so my rebuild begins this week ordered my 3 inch body lift today once its in I start a lot of welding and luckly not so much cutting as rust is nice enuff to remove my rear floor for me
  7. were is the bedford commons
  8. would love to join but still need a front inner pass side axle seal for my 4.56 i never thought about needing one and didnt successfuly remove the old one to reuse and after i made my gas tank about 1/2 a gallon smaller in renfrew saturday i think its time to start collecting metal to start rebuilding my floor/truck skids rear bumpers stronger front bumper and maybe some fancy others
  9. Also think its time to build some skid plates next for a small opps feim renfrew yesterday
  10. got my 4.56 gears in today seems to drive much better also got my bumper welded back on
  11. Thats were your wrong I only used 1 coat of blue must be the gray primer I put on 4 or 5 years ago
  12. Lol quick have you seen the floor in my trunk cuz I hVent but I got some good ideas for a good strong fix hopefuly onle have my rig down for a month or so
  13. Hopefuly in the spring when it warms up a bit more id like to have her ready for the poker run (and my mvi is up in july ) so waiting till summer would be a bad choice
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