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  1. Who is going tonight, that is a bit of a drive so i need to know?
  2. Tom i can make it, but it is lookin like just u and me if you still want to do it.
  3. We doin coffee in Bayers tonight?
  4. Taco mitch and myself are here.
  5. I will head out shortly, i am getting tired of sitting at tims talking to myself though.
  6. Two we will be at the one by the dodge dealer and wendys of st margrets bay rd.
  7. Coffee @ Bayers Lake tonight anybody?
  8. Been busy. Saving money to buy parts for M37. Sent to Resolute Bay for a month. I am always lurking though.
  9. Anyone planning on coffee tonight?
  10. We will be at Osborne Tim Hortons.
  11. I am for it, where are we meeting.
  12. I will be there for an hour, very important night tonight! :smiley-transport027: The Duel races at Daytona!!!!! :banhammer:
  13. Shane is in ONT and unfortunately my family is coming over from the island that day to have Christmas here with Mom. Otherwise I would do this in a heartbeat. Sorry!
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