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  1. no its not like the stuff used on winches... i do keep a piece of that with me too but its like 3/4 or 7/8th bigger then the winch stuff thats like using wire its just as strong wire but it comes snug like wire..... hard on the gear lol the 7/9ths nylon samson braid will strech like crazy i pulled a 3/4ton 4door long box chev out of soft spot at work once... rear end was sunk to bumpers front was not as bad.... i was in 3rd gear when she come snug out comes the heavy chev.
  2. i hate tow straps... i love my long 7/8ths nylon samson braid, its like a bungee cord no sudden snaps like that. i have pulled so many rigs way bigger then by sami with some good momentem. just have to know how to tie a bowline...... always sucks when you let other noobs tie on there trucks, hard to get ur rope back lol
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