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  1. I like the polls Jay! Keep them up, maybe add Windsor in there next time so we can see what happens
  2. Coffee this week is going to be at Tim Hortons Lady Hammond Road. 7pm Thursday. 6034 Lady Hammond Rd, Halifax, NS B3K 2R6
  3. So next week it will be Windsor right? LOL
  4. Picking one close to you eh Jay? LOL
  5. Coffee again this week! Akerly Tim Hortons 7pm Thursday
  6. Coffee this week will be at the Tim Hortons Windmill Road Dartmouth. 7pm This thursday!
  7. I have some house updates coming as well lol, just need to get home to upload videos and pictures.
  8. On a tear today!! Getting back into my old groove lol
  9. Coffee Tomorrow at Tims in Bayers Lake, 7pm beside the Chrysler Dealer and Canadiana
  10. SO ive done a bit of maintenance to the Jeep, new front bearings, brakes, and a couple of new tires (Under warranty). I picked up a can of paint yesterday and will be experimenting with the rims on colours.
  11. TomWood


    Shes been quite the build and is looking good Jay! Was awesome wheeling with it the few times, thing works amazing
  12. Coffee this week will be at Tim Hortons Bedford commons, if you are already at the campground or in the valley, Middleton Tim Hortons 7pm Thursday
  13. Coffee this Thursday at 7pm will be at the Bayers Lake Tim Hortons. Across from the Chrysler dealership.
  14. Coffee this week! Will be held at the middle sackville Tim Hortons. Meeting at 7pm Thursday the 7th. Hope to see you guys out there!
  15. Coffee this week is at Tim Hortons on Osbourne Street. This is off Northwest arm drive in Halifax. 7pm tomorrow (Thursday)
  16. Coffee tomorrow 7pm at Tim Hortons 6034 Lady Hammond Rd, Halifax NS B3K 2R6, Canada.
  17. Looks like it skipped leg day lol. Bet that engine spins them some good
  18. Coffee this week will be in the back parking lot of the Chicken Burger. There is a Tim Hortons next door for coffees, or get some shakes from the burger. Thursday at 7pm, weather looks like it will co-operate.
  19. Did I see the Ford on a flatbed the other day getting on the highway at Mt Uniacke?
  20. You are right Jay, no coffee this week so it will be next week at the Chicken Burger
  21. Coffee this week I was thinking of having at the Chicken Burger, where we can park in their back lot but still have a Tim Hortons next door. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  22. Coffee night this Thursday, 7pm is up for a vote. Where do you guys want to have it? I unfortunately wont be able to make it this week so let the suggestions fly! EDIT: We have the winner from Facebook post by Scott Caines, it will be in Middle Sackville at 7pm
  23. I have an aftermarket deck you can have Eugene. I'll check the garage tomorrow.
  24. Wanna help me when I start to put my floor in? looks like a good engine build so far
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