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  1. That is one good looking pickup, cant wait to see it on the trail, as Scott said be hard to miss
  2. Definitely gonna be doing a rock slider rocker panel, but today washed the jeep and surveyed the damage. Gonna have to do a fix on the transfer case skid plate as well as two bolts seem to be quite loose and wont tighten.
  3. Drove home from Saint John NB, poked around the hole on the rocker. Planning on doing a rocker panel rebuild on both sides, and plan on doing a rocker/rock slider rocker panel.
  4. Looking real good, almost time to wheel the beast
  5. Starting to look like a truck!
  6. Its looking good! Can't wait to see that thing on the trails!
  7. Excellent, be good to see the completed beast. Sounds like its coming together pretty easily.
  8. Looks like its moving along, frame is looking good primed.
  9. Gotcha, guess i didnt put 2 and 2 together lol. Is it going to be staying the red color or are you changing the color of it?
  10. Looks like lots of welding to do lol, but will be a sweet rig when done.
  11. Put 265/75/16 on it right now, just a passenger tire, gonna be getting more agressive meats next summer
  12. Pic of the liberty after 2.5 inch lift but without the new tires, running 265/75/16 Uniroyal Laredo for now, soon to be swapped for more agressive tread.
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