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  1. Still trying to make it to a meeting on my side of the harbor..
  2. Toyota truck ar roof mount
  3. I wonder if the pump housing cracked with the force ..
  4. Ok thanks guy and I were talking about it last night. .
  5. Atlantic under car . Behind mitty muffler on ilsley ave in Burnside carrys MagnaFlow and keeps a good suply..
  6. Well that's 5 rigs and all inside
  7. I showed up this time but everyone is hideing inside
  8. Picked up some used 315/75/16 fore the avalanche. Now need to get them changed over .
  9. Started over the old brige was closed and the other was backed up to ford.
  10. I have skids fore sale to fit..
  11. Ozzborn was just redone and is close to bayers lake ..
  12. I know that but I coud not remember witch night was the meetings.
  13. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1019251446 New ride
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