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  1. I don't know him, I just remember him from waaaay back when 4wheeler.ca was still an awesome site
  2. Gotta do what ya gotta do. Just like using a hi-light as a comealong. Not sure if you're supposed too but it works
  3. According to google : "53 dodge with 2.5 ton rockwell diffs and 53" tires with a 15,000lbs winch"
  4. Man that looks like the Lemon-Aid Jays old powerwagon in Calgary. Thats a pretty cool setup, I'm sure someone will tell you "blah blah don't lift with a winch blah blah blah" I only have the 8274 and I've been offered money for it quite a few times but nah, I think I'll keep it haha
  5. Nice. I need to get my warn 8274 back. Its been sitting at APJ with my bumper for like 3 years :/
  6. What really sucks it that I have a 7MGE from a late 80s supra that only needs crank bearings.... But its in Alberta and its not making its way into my loving arms any time soon
  7. Hahaha oh thats still pretty awesome! I threw a rod through the side of my block on my Yota at highway speed and it scared the living bjesus outta me. Im 2 for 3 when it comes to 22r engines
  8. I only like red corvettes because they go faster
  9. But red is so much fun to watch people fight with!
  10. Holy fack! I know that feeling, that awful BANG and the shake haha. Sucks man, what vehicle is that?
  11. Never actually used one before, now I am in the market for one
  12. I mostly hate kijiji but yeah I have found a few good deals. Wonder if I can just make one that bolts onto my 12 ton hydraulic press
  13. Nice, I want one but cant justify it at the moment as I only want a stinger built
  14. Who bent you stinger for you?
  15. Oh okay. On a side note, I'm glad that I have an old warn 8274. Being forced to mount it higher doesn't mess with your departure angle so much.
  16. I have some spare channel iron laying around ifyou need some. I think it's 3" with 1" flange. Would be good for your L shape maybe
  17. yeah I have an idea for my bumper that's similar. I plan on welding on a ring to hold a beach umbrella and a tab to attach my hammock. Not to mention a beer bottle opener. By the way, the party is in front of my truck haha
  18. @jay this is my suggestion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvcGsUVyBnI
  19. Thats cool, some people get offended when I offer advice so I tend to tread lightly haha
  20. Thats cool. Hope you dont think that I was overstepping or anything.
  21. Thats what I thought. If you whip it bit more back and fourth it will be more uniform, or just do it vertical down and it takes the heat a bit better because yu can go quicker
  22. I see glass on the welds which is usually a byproduct of mig/metal core so thats why I am saying mig
  23. Diff armour looks good. I am assuming that its mig with a shielding gas that you used?
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